13 weeks to go: 85.7 kgs

Yikes, this weight loss is kinda not happening!  Actually I’m not too unhappy this week since I skyrocketed up to 88 kgs earlier in the week (I think too much salty food). 

I’d planned all kinds of happy, productive activities for today on account of not working but… well a few months ago I had a root canal (the first treatment) then haven’t been back for the followup.  Oops.  Yesterday the tooth felt a bit sensitive and I thought I should get it seen to.  This morning it was incredibly painful.  I rang the dentist and they said they had an appointment if I could come straight in so now I’m all numb and have just taken some painkillers and I think sleep is the only thing on the agenda.  I HATE the dentist!  I do like immediate appointments though, less time to stress about it.

Apparently I had a bit of an infection.  The dentist said it could settle down straight away or might flare up since things have been disturbed.  He gave me a script for antibiotics just in case.  Screw that.  I am totally stoic when it comes to pain and never take antibiotics unless it’s absolutely necessary – except when it comes to dentistry, then I’m a total pussy.


3 responses to “13 weeks to go: 85.7 kgs

  1. Ooooooh owwwwwwwwwwww root canal uurrgghh.
    Take care of yourself – you don’t want anything going wrong while you’re away!

  2. Ouch. I hate the dentist too – I never go when I should.

  3. yeah, i try to avoid medications too..but when it comes to infections(and since lately ive become an EXPERT!!!) you sometimes NEED to take them. having said that- i repspnded nearly immediately to the IV antibiotics and im damn sure its because i dont over-use them!!!

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