91 days to go!

Man, that countdown is going fast!

I’ve decided I really need to cut down on my carbs – when I enter my food into calorie king, a fair heft of them are carbs (nearly 65% yesterday).  I dunno if it’s true, but I read in a magazine article that it’s esp good to cut carbs to lose belly fat so it’s worth a try.  So I’m trying to cut all processed carbs out for the next few weeks to see how I go.  I pretty much get ample from the fruit and vege I eat anyway.

I went for a run today.  Damn good week to have off work – it was gorgeous at Princess Park around lunch time.  I’ve started having calf problems again though.  Maybe I’ll go back to my physio but I don’t want to spend $$$ if I don’t have to since I’ve got car rego due plus booked it in for a service.  Damn car, cutting into my holiday funds.


2 responses to “91 days to go!

  1. My car is going in today for it’s Warrant of Fitness, it’s worse than going to the dentist ! I am counting down to moving … I think it’s like only 30 sleeps to go!

  2. 65% is not out that bad, The USDA recommends that 45%-65% of a person’s daily calories come from carbohydrates, 10%-35% from protein and 20%-35% from fats. I reckon 55%, 25% & 20% is a good mix, so 65% is not too far from that.

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