This weekend was a big case of overdoing.  I went shopping and spent far too much money.  I’m not even sure what I bought, just a major binge of retail therapy.  Followed that with night out drinking far too much.  Actually I think I was quite drunk for the amount I drank, if that makes sense.

Time to get things back under control.


You know who are on my death list atm.  Paypal.  What a totally incompetent organisation.  I have had this ongoing problem with them for months.  Well not just with them.  Last year when I went to Japan, I used a company that bids on Japanese auctions to get concert tickets.  You can bid on most auctions if you live outside of Japan so we had to use a service like this.  I got my tickets okay and life was good… except I had to pay them a hefty deposit.

I asked for my deposit back and sent a heap of emails over the period of a few months.  They finally sent it to me.  I got an email at the email address I use to log in to paypal but the money didn’t show up.

First up paypal said the email was a scam.  Zoinks!  But paypal were wrong!

Then after spending hours on the phone to them, the best they could suggest was cancelling the refund and resending an invoice for the amount.  Because their computer systems were totally incapable of transferring the cash from the limbo account it had gone into to my real account.

Okay, I should have really put my foot down then but they refused to take any responsibility or do anything to help me.

So now 2 months later, I have had no communication from the other people, even though I’ve sent a zillion payment reminders through paypal and no help at all from paypal.  I can’t even register a dispute with them because I am the one requesting money.  I would never use Paypal again for anything.  They are so unhelpful.  I am definitely never using that business to get tickets overseas again. I really don’t belive they are dishonest – they did make the payment once – but they are slack and also maybe don’t understand English that well.

I’m not sure what to do next.  It really is a fair bit of cash and I don’t want to lose it.   Any suggestions?

3 responses to “Overdone

  1. From what I know about Paypal through eBay, the best way to get results is to call them repeatedly and speak to supervisors. You’ll eventually get someone helpful…. good luck with it!

  2. I think PayPal are a bunch of dropkicks too. I’ve had my account suspended a couple of times, and it’s a pain to try and reactivate. Now I only use their pass-through credit card option.

    Regarding getting your money back, just persist, threaten lawyers ?

  3. There used to be a saying that went something like “When a customer is satisfied they will tell 1 friend when they are not they will tell 10 friends”.
    In today’s world of the internet, twitter etc the 10 friends who hear about crap service can turn into hundreds. Companies don’t seem to have grasped this concept, or maybe they have so many customers that they just don’t care.

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