89 days

Not so good eating last night and today — esp since I went out for most meals on account of being too damn lazy to cook.  Last night I had cake… oops.  But OMG it was banana caramel cake (kinda of a tiramisu consistency) with meringue on top.  Oh yeah so worth it.  I only had half a slice and really I should have stopped at half of that cos it was so rich (like around the time I said “I really should stop eating this”).

Anyway, back on board tomorrow.  I went to the market today and got some stirfry beef and chicken breasts to cook up so I don’t have to worry about dinner for the next week only I’m so sick of everything I can think of to cook.  Any ideas?


4 responses to “89 days

  1. i dont want to fess up to what i ate tonight- but it did involve fish n chips follwed by ice magic and ice cream for dessert..thats ABOMINABLE

    i made home made pizzas which are nice and a good substitute for junk

  2. I’m having a love affair with my version of Waldorf salad: any greens you like, about half a Granny Smith apple, diced and around 8 walnut halves, chopped. Then add just enough low-cal dressing to moisten it. Then I throw tuna or cooked chicken into it and voila! Instant lunch or dinner.

    Chicken curries are always good too. You can cheat and use a bit of Patak’s Balti sauce or something like that (check the labels and don’t get the mega-high calorie ones). Add onion and throw in lots of spinach just before it’s ready. Some rice or pappadums cooked in the toaster make it perfect.

    Thai beef salad? Fish sauce, lime juice, garlic and chilli for dressing, lots of veggies and chuck in the warm beef.

    Cooking nice food is easy. Coming up with new ideas can be tough though. I drag out my recipe books every now and then, or pick up one of those mags at the supermarket for inspiration.

  3. That cake sounds devine, I would have succumbed too!

  4. Hello, banana cake- it sounds practically healthy? And meringue is just egg whites and they are the bit they recommend when it comes to eggs.

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