I’m getting so fed up with my family right now.  They are all bugging me so much.  My mum rang up the other day, bitching at my sister because I said on facebook that I’d bought two pairs of shoes!  Like I can buy shoes with my own money.  So annoying.

Andrew owes me money and is arguing with me over how much it is.

My sister owes me money and spends half her life bitching about being sick but then goes out drinking all night.  She’s always having money issues but as soon as she gets paid, she buys new clothes and other crap.

I’ve had a gutful of it.  I’m not loaning any money any more and I’m not listening to their bitching.  It’s not my responsibility to solve their problems.

My other sister has been in Bali on holidays.  I have no issue with her.

One response to “Fedup

  1. Damn family- so hard to ignore. I ignore my brother, but he is in Perth so it is easy.

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