After the guilt of overindulgence, I figure the best thing is to take action of some kind.

First I directed my energy at the mountain of boxes in the spare room.   I own far too much stuff but at least I’ve made a sizable dent in them … well a pathway through the room.  Mum’s coming to stay next month so I have the motivation of wanting to remove anything with any kind of personal information from that room!

The next step is to go through the zillion boxes of books and sorting out what I want to keep.  I figure if I’m not going to read books again, why keep them?  I might take a trip to the secondhand book shop to trade them.

After the sorting, I went for a run.  A very short, very slow run but it’s the first time I’ve been out since R4tK and I’ve been a bit lacking in running confidence – actually have been not felt very keen for a long time.  It was good to take it easy and just enjoy a jog around the streets.

I think I should keep things simple.  Rather than feeling this pressure to run like I used (for what, a brief period after a lot of training???), just getting out and running is good.

2 responses to “Update

  1. Getting out and running for the fun of it sounds like a great plan to me! I think I might follow suit!

  2. sounds like a Plan…. 🙂

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