A Long Whinge About Work!

I’m so sick of my job at the moment.  I don’t want to say too much but basically when I took the job it was to fill in for someone going on maternity leave. 

All good and well except they had a guy doing the same role in Sydney and a few weeks after I started, they asked me to take on some of his projects.  What they didn’t say was that I had to take on ALL his work because they were getting rid of him.

So yeah, I’m doing the work of two people.  It gets worse.   The reason they got rid of Sydney guy was because he’s totally incapable of doing the job.  I think even more than anyone realised.  Even now, months later, I’m finding stuff he’s screwed up.  But he’s long gone and now they are MY projects.

He wasn’t even just annoying.  My opinion is that he really couldn’t do the job but didn’t want to look like he was doing nothing so went into the system and just randomly changed stuff so he looked like he was working.  Since you would never expect any sane person to do stuff like, I’ve never tested for it.  There is absolutely no specifications or documentation of the work he was doing either.

He’s done all manner of crappy crap.  Like people kept emailing him with updates for a few months after he moved.  Instead of letting them know or forwarding the emails to the relevant person, he ignored them.  Suddenly I have months of updates to do.

Sydney guy is just lucky he’s in Sydney.  I reckon at least 2-3 times a week I find things that make me just want to punch.  I wish they’d just scrape the projects and let me start from scratch.  It would have been far less work in the long run.

On top of that, I have to do support.  I freaken hate doing IT support.  I hate it more than anything.  I like working on projects, shiny new projects that no one has screwed up.  

Not crappy support where your day gets taken up with people emailing you saying shit like “I have a problem.”  (full stop… no more information)   I want to punch those people too.  Seriously, if you ever have to contact IT support, do NOT say that.  I so want to reply saying well gee just let me use my special psychic powers to figure out what that problem is, moron.  

Also today someone contacted me because they had a problem with a spreadsheet.  They wouldn’t actually send me the spreadsheet, they just wanted me to fix it. 

Some people should just not be allowed to have computers.  They probably shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house.

8 responses to “A Long Whinge About Work!

  1. I’ve been feeling a bit like that too, but I guess we should be thankful we have jobs. Look on the bright side, at least you get to do some coding etc, all I get is politics and budgets!

  2. Yeah, I do support stuff too “my phone doesn’t work!” Ok, would you like to be just a little more descriptive? Meet me freaking half way at least.

    Or, “when people ring me my phone diverts to so and so”, did you ever stop to think maybe you diverted your phone to so and so, “oh no, I don’t think so”, Em checks and guess what?! Takes a deep breath, calls the idiot….

    We call that a H/IM a Human/Interface Malfunction

    I feel your pain.

  3. Oh oh oh and try resetting passwords like this and see how long it takes people to catch on


  4. I don’t technically do support but I’m the IT Services webmaster for a university which involves helping out web authors – within ITS, I don’t deal with any non-IT people. The best ones I’ve had were –
    The guy who sent me a picture and a word document and asked me to put the image in the word document because he didn’t know how to do it (dunno what that had to do with the web!)

    The woman who said (pretty much verbatim):
    “I printed out that web page and the images didn’t print out. I am assuming this is because they are inside the content management system and the printer can’t get them out?”

    Sometimes I wonder how these people manage to find their way out of bed in the morning.

  5. I just get asked rocket science questions like “where can I find an envelope?”

  6. It happens in techo land too. I’m living there temporarily, helping out while they recruit to replace the wicked witch of the west. (Before you say anything, I’m Glinda!)

    I had an amusing one the other day. It was a little like a tennis game. Experienced tester (you can tell he’s good because he can set up his own ODBC connection) emailed half the world to say “techos, you stuffed up”. He was using the wrong testing account and database. Unfortunately for him, he kept cc-ing the world as he proceeded to demonstrate that he was experiencing the IDtenT problem.

    Was my one laugh for the day. It’s a tough gig – I keep clicking my heels three times to go back to my real job, but the ruby slippers seem to want to take me to Kansas.

  7. Oh, I do think of you every day as I drive past O’Halloran Circuit on my way out to Tuggeranong Kathryn.

  8. geting job is difficult but we should try untill we get job

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