Some of my knitting projects. More to come later… like when I’ve actually finished stuff.

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My first sock! I didn’t make a pair because it was too big for me.

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Slippers of different kinds (not an unmatching pair – although I can’t find the pair to the red one. I reckon it’s under the bed somewhere)

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Scarf of stripiness – this was my first knitting project and I used cheap wool so it’s kinda scratchy but I like the colours.

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Licquorice Allsort type hat. I knitted one similar for my sister but her’s had ear flaps and I didn’t get a pic cos she took it away.


Awesome sock.  I made a pair of these but could only find one to take a photo of (note my awesome quilt behind it – my friend Tim made it for me).


I made a ponytail hat for JayKay and with the leftover wool made a pigtail hat for myself then with the leftover, leftover wool knitted these fingerless gloves.  I think I could have made the hand bit longer.  The thumb was a nightmare – knitting 8 stitches on dpn is hell!  The first one I did was very laddered but the second one came out okay. I used Heirloom Wool which I really love and must buy more of.  It feels awesome and is machine-washable wool which is fantastic.

I got some red wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills to make a short sleeved jumper and I’m still working on my angora cardigan.  I had a tragic angora accident though.  I’d nearly finished the back when I noticed a mark on it.  At first I thought I’d spilt water on it because I was drinking water at the time but, as I mopped it, the tissue turned black!  Oh noes!  Then I thought my pen leaked but there was no sign of leakage on the pen!  I carefully patted the stain, trying to get as much black out of the wool as possible, and ended up with black all over my jeans.  I scrubbed the jeans and sprayed them with stain remover because you can treat demin much rougher than you can angora but the stain didn’t come out!!!!  I have no idea what to do but I’m going to wear that cardigan stained if I have to because I’ve worked so hard on it and paid so much for the wool.

3 responses to “Knitting

  1. Hiya,

    It’s a shame the sock is too big, I really like the colours (who said blue and green should never be seen..?!). Re the scarf, did you know that to prevent stocking stitch curling you just need to do a couple of knit stitches at the start of each purl row? I haven’t tried it, but that’s what I’ve heard, and it makes sense as ribbed scarves don’t curl.

    How is your orange cardi going?

  2. Do you want me to take a photo of the ponytail hat that you knitted for me? I can email it to you if you like!

    Hope you have a great time in Sydney. It’s amazing how all the same shops seem so different when you’re in a different city 🙂 Don’t forget to to to Darling Harbour and check out the sports store. Loads of bargain trainers in there 😉

  3. CKK. I’m so glad you gave that hint on stopping curling. I tried to knit a scarf using stocking stitch and gave up in disgust.

    Kathryn – I love the licquorice allsorts hat.
    Oh and thanks for the beanie pattern. I’ll have to get around to posting some pictures of my creations.

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