Woke up this morning feeling shite.  By 11 am felt all the shite – nose running, high temp etc.  I’ve got to run on Sunday, I’ve no time for being sick.

Now I’m home from work.  I went to the health food shop and the naturopath made me up some health-giving drops.  I also got health-giving dark chocolate and ingredients for my health-giving soup.  Now I’m going to make up my soup and have couch rest with many, many litres of fluid and possibly huge doses of Vitamin C.

I will be well by Sunday.

9 responses to “Yikes

  1. I think the change in temperature has given lots of people colds. Alana got sick on Monday and I’ve been spraying everything that she touches with Glen 20.

    There’s a girl who came in to work today and is full of cold. I’ve told her she can’t come anywhere near my office.

    I’m starting to get really paranoid about sick people and how it will affect my runing if I get sick!

  2. Hope you’re well by Saturday!

  3. I hope you’ve got some health-giving dvds. Good luck with the convalescence.

  4. I hope you get better soon. Rest is key.

  5. i had a sore throat monday…LOADS and LOADS of garlic..all good now 🙂

  6. You WILL be well by Sunday. You WILL. especially with that health-giving dark chocolate

  7. Plenty of rest tomorrow and I’ll see you Sunday – fighting fit and ready to run!

  8. Hope you have banished the cold already but spend today in your pyjamas just to be sure. Hope to see you tomorrow!

  9. Oooh chug them vitmamins! Take care comrade!!!!

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