I went to the dentist this arvo, for my first root canal treatment.  After he finished, he said he’s not sure if it’s worth doing!  He’ll take the money I paid today off the alternative treatment so I’m not out of pocket but there is no compensation for the pain and anguish.

I had a shitload of numbing so have taken excessive painkillers so as not to feel the pain when it wears off, hence I’m going to bed now.


4 responses to “Quickie

  1. Yowzers. Hope you recover soon.

  2. That’s….ummm…good news! Best thoughts for a quick recovery

  3. so whats the alternative treatment then?

  4. What does that mean – “it’s not worth doing?”!

    Ouchies, the horrors! – I hope you feel better soon and that the alternative treatment does the trick!

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