I’m still not sure about running in the Run for the Kids tomorrow.


  1. I’ve run for the last two years and I want to make it 3 out of 3.
  2. I’ve only got a head cold and conventional wisdom says running with a head cold isn’t too bad.
  3. I’ve already paid for it.
  4. I’m feeling much less congested and icky than I did yesterday.


  1. I’ve got to be well enough to go to work tomorrow in order to buy food and pay for dental procedures so I can eat the food (btw the alternative to root canal for my tooth is to have it extracted and get an implant!!!!  Oh yeah, makes root canal look attractive by comparison.)
  2. It might rain.

All up, annoyingly unsure.  I wish you could buy a runometre and just hook it up to your body and it gave you a “run/don’t run” reading.  That’d take all the drama out of it.


5 responses to “Questions????

  1. Go for it but take it real easy. 😉

  2. You’re sick babe. You’re body has already told you what it thinks – rest. It’s not worth it unless it messes with your head too much not to do it. Maybe just see how you feel in the morning?

  3. maybe do run for the kids..but do it as a run walk thing…run for 10 mins walk for 2…. have it pre planned

  4. Ummmmmmmmm
    as one who has every intention of racing injured tomorrow (I am INSANE) I can’t really say anything….but it is going to rain , eww

  5. Your “fors” are all good reasons to do it.

    Re “against 1” – if you can’t buy food, or eat it because of dental reasons, then just think of the boon to the weight loss 🙂

    Re “against 2” – running in the rain is one of the best things on earth 🙂

    I think the run-o-meter is pointing to “run”.

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