Blah Blah Blah

Went to the R4tK training run tonight.  It was a good session, but I felt like shit afterwards.  I felt like shit after my run last week too so maybe I need to look at what I’m eating pre-run.  I had a small bag of nuts + yohurt covered sultanas in the arvo (well about 2.00 cos I bought them at lunch time and I’m a piglet) so maybe something later in the day.

I’ve been feeling crap about my running time.  I went to the R4tK training 2 years ago and was the slowest one there, then I went last year and was the slowest and I’m the slowest again this year.  That isn’t any improvement!  I’m trying to be all positive thinking about this.

The Maiden fans were out in force around Rod Laver.  I kept my eyes peeled for anyone with tickets in their hand, planning to do a snatch and run… I think my running time would have improved greatly 🙂  I also kept my eyes peeled for my son (cos I can definitely outrun him.. lolz).

Then I got home, all shitty and sulky and the bloody neighbours put on their freaken doof music again.  I rang the cops to find out at what time I could put in an official complaint and they said it’s illegal any time to play music loud enough that I can hear it in my house so I was like book ’em, Dano (I didn’t actually say that).   All is blissfully silent now, well except the zillion cars hooning up the street.

Did you know when you ring the cops the recorded message gives you the option of talking to a uniformed officer or not?  That’s really sweet cos I so much prefer to imagine that the person on the other end of the phone is a hunky man in uniform.

I found out today I might be getting a longer work contract – all up in the air atm but I got called into the IT manager’s office and expect it to be NOT GOOD but it was good indeed.

I think I have some kind of work paranoia cos every time I get asked to talk to anyone I think it’s going to be NOT GOOD.  This definitely stems from working for a complete anus-face who’d ask me to explain stuff being late for work (I think waiting for the RACV cos my brakes failed on my car is a perfectly reasonable explanation, he didn’t).  Oh and another anus-face who wanted me to explain why my productivity was so much higher than the other staff – apparently that was a bad thing… never made that mistake again.

Anyway it’s good to be told you’re good 😀


8 responses to “Blah Blah Blah

  1. You are good! For sure. end of story babe!

  2. Hey, you can’t beat consistency. And you’re out there. That’s got to win extra points. You get more value for money for the training too.

    Good to hear that the IT manager wants to keep you. Puts off the “pass organising stuff ups” for a bit longer. I know what you mean about getting called into the office. I always have the whole “Principal’s office” mentality when someone wants to talk to me. What’s worse – I was never in trouble!!! (Trust me!)

  3. Your productivity was too high! That is great- did he think your mum had been helping you with your homework? When I was called into our big bosses office the first thing he said was “You aren’t in trouble, but can you come and see me in my office” and I thought I must have misheard and I wasn’t in “too much trouble” but it was all good too.

  4. But is your TIME slower? Only gung-ho types go to those runs – you certainly won’t finish last in the R4TK if you do the training runs!
    Also is this race your A-race? If not, iot’s just something fun to do and not worth getting upset about. If yes, get some objective measurements 🙂
    (oooh bossy aren’t i?) cheerio

  5. I always have that same sense of dread when the big boss wants to see me (even though I used to be his PA and was never scared of him then!).

    Good for you getting out there to do the training run. Who cares if you’re last or not, you went and you ran. That’s a big tick in my book 🙂

  6. At least you consistent with the training run!!

    Thanx for comment last night.

    I have worked for plenty of anus faces in my time, most of them are power hungry plebs that think they have some sort of control over you. Ding dong, gone are the days where you stay in your job for a good 30 years and never say a word out of line. These are the days of free speech face of Anus and you can fuck off.

  7. You are not alone Kathryn in thinking you are not improving. I feel as though I am going backwards in this running caper. I guess as long as we are out there doing it, thats a good thing 🙂

  8. It was cool to see you again, chin up, I hope you keep coming back.

    Someone offered me Maiden tickets last night on the run back, should have told me you were after one (is it just me or is Bruce Dickinson actually a bit of alright in his dotage?)

    Is there an option to talk to a cop out of uniform, I would rather picture a bohunk in Vic Pol issue boxer shorts myself 😉

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