Eating and Working and Stuff

Skipped go-go class tonight cos I’m feeling tired, although the legs have held up well after the gym yesterday.  I had no probs with my run this morning.  Since I had a free night, we went to Gurkhas for dinner.  Yum but I’m so insanely full now.  We had apricot goat and a pumpkin curry.  Very delish indeed.

I might have another contract for a month after I finish this week.  A different place and they want me to come in for an Excel test.  I almost said that they could read my resume and if that wasn’t enough for them then tough, but it’s all $$$.  Then tonight I got sent a 6 page specification plus accompanying spreadsheet to go through before the test!  OMG.

It never fails to amaze me that people think contractors care about their projects.  I’ll care while the meters ticking.

Now for rant o’the day.  I seriously believe that people should be given a simple test and, if they fail it, they should be banned from all technology.  Today at work a woman asked me about my ipod and how I got music on it so I began explaining stuff to her.  I asked what software she used, did she use itunes?  She hadn’t realised she had to use software!  WTF!  I mean, maybe if you sit your ipod next to your CDs the music will be eventually absorbed by osmosis or something…

Is this whole thing something that happens with age, like losing your hearing and your hair and your looks?  Or is it that old people have always been dumb with technology but in the old days cos there was no technology so no one noticed?


5 responses to “Eating and Working and Stuff

  1. My old mp3 player didn’t use any software, you just used windows explorer to put songs on it. It doesn’t say in the ipod instructions you need to download itunes (yes this is a confession – it took me ages to work out how to get music on my shuffle LOL!)
    I think some people are lazy about learning new things and new thinking and will always be no matter what their age.

  2. I remember having to do a word test and an excel test when I was applying for temp work with new agencies.

    In the end I just took a copy of the best results from each test and they seemed happy with that.

    I must admit that I don’t understand how to load tunes onto an Ipod but I have an MP3 player where you just plug in the USB and drag the music across to it. Easy peasy!

  3. 😆 when I first showed my mum an iPod she turned it over in her hands a few times then asked me how on earth you got the CD into something so little.

    Then again this is the same woman who once asked a date (back when she was 19) who played water polo how they got the horses in the pool.

  4. I’m an IT person, and I have to admit, that the less software that is involved, the happier I usually am – the less to install, the less that can go wrong!

  5. Yes I think you definitely get dumber with age and I’m getting dumber by the minute! These days it’s easier to get my kids to work out technical stuff when I need it. I only use my brain when I really, really have to.

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