I registered for the City to Surf and the Melbourne Half today as well as booking flights and accommodation to Sydney. I’m committed. No retreat, baby, no surrender. Oh and I went to Active Feet and got some fancy new running shoes because of all the extra kms I’ll be doing. There will be much pre-dawn training around Northcote.

Btw, why is it I can go out for a run and not feel cold but as soon as I shower and get dressed in work clothes, I’m freezing my tits off?

Lately I’ve been bored shitless with my running music but I’ve found a solution with two little words – separately they mean so little but put them together and they spell ROCK. Those words are ‘van’ and ‘halen’. My new life goal is to download their entire back catalogue.

Oh and I did a 7 km fun run at Coburg today. Found it hard going – much harder than the 7 km training run I did yesterday – but managed to get within my goal time 🙂


8 responses to “Committed

  1. your bloody valentine

    David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?! ;). Just thought I’d get the necessary Van Halen question out there! I’ll forgive you if you like Sammy Hagar, it’s been eons since I listened to Van Halen.

    What dates are you up in Sydney?

  2. I am also doing the City2Surf- I am heading up on the Thursday- we should catch up. Good work on the goal time today.

  3. Van Halen definitely works for me for running/lifting/whatever-workout music.

    My sister in law is doing the Melbourne Half. You’re both nuts.

  4. Well done on committing !! What sort of shoes did you buy ?

  5. Oh Yay,Van Halen, I love a bit of ultra trashy David Lee Roth era VH, Panamaaaaaaaaa, yeah baby LOL

    They are a couple of big races right there, well done, enjoy your training.

  6. ombites (mary)

    Bwahaha…you kidding!? Too funny, I gotta get some Van Halen on my player. Good going with entering the races babe!

  7. ombites (mary)

    Hey, what shoes did you end up getting?

  8. How was Active Feet? I think I’ll be going there for my much needed next pair of shoes…

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