Running and stuff

Got up this morning and went for a run because I’m like a superhero! Well that’s how I feel when I go running of a morning because I’m so totally not a morning person, not one little bit. Still I jumped out of bed and put on the running gear and headed out. The secret is to get out the door before you wake up fully so you don’t think too much about it.

I did a 5 km run in 32 mins and managed to do it easy – well I could sing along with my ipod while running (I never do that normally but there is something about mornings that makes it okay).

I don’t normally run 2 days in a row but I’m thinking of going again tomorrow – my sister has to go in to the hospital and doesn’t have a lift so I’m starting work later and said I’d drive her. She’s doing a chronic fatigue rehab clinic and I think it’s important for her to go to every session. It’s helping her a lot and getting her into a routine.

I finished knitting my first pair of “real” socks tonight – 4 ply wool on tiny double point needles. it’s taken ages because I’ve done other projects the same time but they rock. Next I want to make an angora cardigan.


7 responses to “Running and stuff

  1. There’s something about nice, crisp mornings that make me feel alive as well.

    Kudos to you for the run.

  2. My heart goes out to your sister and her problems with chronic fatigue. A few years back I thought I was getting it. I would make a bed only to need an hour sleeping on it to recover from the effort. I felt I was missing out on so much of life. I hope she gets well soon.
    I’m impressed with your knitting skills. Go check out my latest disaster. It’ll make you feel so much more clever about your efforts.

  3. mate I miss one post and you’re out dancing on podiums at drag shows and knitting 4-ply socks!
    Best wishes to your sister. If she need someont to talk to who’s been there give her my email, happy to give any support I can. She’s lucky to have a good sister like you!

  4. ombites (mary)

    You’ve gotta get yourself a camera so I can see all these amazing things you make! Great news about your sister too. I’m glad she is finding something that works for her. And hey, you got it with that secret!! It’s all about waking up once you’ve come home after the run/walk LOL. It works for me everytime.

  5. Sorry if this comment relates to more than one post, but I’m just catching up. Well done on the morning run, still not a battle I’m winning when I’m at home, but funnily enough when I was away travelling with work it was easier. Did you actually got to Borders to look at books, or to eat tarts ?

  6. Clearly you need a superhero cape. Maybe you could knit one!

    Good on you for the morning run, especially if you’re not a morning person.

    All the best to your sister.

  7. It’s a million years since I did any exercise. I’m sure you must be lighter than me by now. I’ve been eating takeaway for every meal for the last 2 weeks. D’oh.

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