Quick Update

This is my new shoe. Well actually I got two of them. It’s a Saucony Omni. I’m going to test them out tomorrow.

Isn’t it a pisser when you spend big bucks on a shoe and then you show everyone but no one who doesn’t run is going to get excited about your midsole cushioning. They just say ‘pretty colour’ or stuff like that.

I’ll be in Sydney from 11 – 13 August so if anyone wants to meet up or do stuff, let me know. I fly out late on the Monday, so suggests for things to do during the day would be helpful too.

5 responses to “Quick Update

  1. ombites (mary)

    Nice shoe but I get the midsole thing too LOL. I can’t have a shoe with too much support.

    We’ll definitely have to catch up! I’ll have a think about it and hey, maybe we could do a small catch up with just a few of the Newtown girls on one of the days. Just so we can actually all talk to each other 😉 Maybe a brunch?

  2. Kathryn, excellent choice in running shoe. I love my Sauconys.

    Now that you know what type of shoe is best for you, get on down to Converse. They are having a 50% off sale, so you could probably pick up a pair of the omnis for about $60 ish!

    Got me some new Hurricanes for $75 – Woohoo!!

  3. Hey, my first proper running shoe, also purchased from Active Feet. They are a good solid shoe and should serve you well.


  4. hmmmm pretty colour. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    You should have entered into the Gold Coast Marathon on 1st July. The weather is perfect at the moment. I know where there is a spare bed to be had.

  5. your bloody valentine

    Yes, I’d love to catch up. To think it’s been one year since you last up here, wow.
    I don’t know much about midsole cushioning as I’ve never bought a pair of runners. All my shoes are impractical for anything beyond walking! One day I will understand (when I eventually get off my bum to buy supportive exercise shoes).

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