Stop the Insanity!

I tell you, things are going from bad to worse around here with our landlords.  Basically what’s happened is that we didn’t hear from them at all for over a year then around Christmas time they send us all emails saying we owed heaps of back rent!  And they wanted it NOW.

We have been trying to work things out with them but OMG they are so insane.

Firstly, they had rent records going back to Oct 2007 – which was when I went from paying them cash to making bank deposits.  They say I was 4 weeks behind in my rent then.  I found a paper receipt they’d given me in Sept 2007 which proved I was up to date.  They aren’t acknowledging that receipt – even though it’s signed by them and they have the carbon copy in their receipt book! 

Next up, we have a new person managing things.  The girl we used to deal with went o/seas and now her sister has taken over.  The sister is insane, I swear.  She has sent me 3-4 emails a day (after I told her not to ring me during business hours) – I keep thinking I’ve got everything sorted and then she gets back in touch with me and it’s all back to square one.  Plus she keeps wanting all this stuff – like to see a copy of my driver’s licence – that she legally can’t ask for.

I emailed her on Friday telling her I’d been in touch with the Tenant’s Union and what she’s doing is unlawful. 

She came around yesterday morning and served a Notice to Vacate on my sister!  She knows my sister works in hospitality and doesn’t get home until really late yet came around here at 9 am to wake her up (she hadn’t got to bed until about 4 am so you can imagine…)

Anyway she told my sister she has to be out of the house in 2 days.  Like hell.  You can’t legally evict a tenant without going to court and getting an eviction notice.  That’s the law.

Hopefully it will all be sorted out by Wednesday.  I don’t want to say too much on here being a public place and all, but I want to get out of this mess for once and for all.   It’s really been upsetting me and I just refuse to keep dealing with it.


5 responses to “Stop the Insanity!

  1. Kathryn I hope everything works out for you. Your landlords sound like they don’t have a clue at all.

  2. And here I was thinking that maybe renting through a private landlord would be easier than trying to persuade a nobby R/E agent that I was a respectable person (albeit a jobless and homeless one!). Maybe not…

    I’m sure we all look forward to more tales of the Landlords From Hell. 🙂

  3. *hugs* You are doing all the right things. Perhaps you need to get a legal advocate to give you a bit of a hand. They sound miserable and they obviously have plans for that property.

    Good luck Kathryn, this shouldn’t happen to anyone!

  4. Make sure you use all legal avenues open to you to put a stop to these mad people!

  5. Fingers crossed that you are out by Wednesday, you don’t need this!

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