And again…

My landlord is going from insane to insaner… she keeps misinterpreting my emails, on purpose I think, and making stupid demands like wanting a copy of my driver’s licence??? WTF?  Anyway I might be out of here real soon (although not soon enough for me).

I feel like I’ve been a total pig today even though if I look at it objectively I haven’t eaten that much.  Well, other than a thin slice of caramel cheesecake for arvo tea.  But I just had a bowl of soup of dinner and my belly feels stuffed. 

I meant to go to the gym today but am so exhausted.  I did buy new runners – yah!  And a coat – 20% off at Target then a bonus $5 voucher they were giving out.  It’s red.


3 responses to “And again…

  1. I was wondering why you were telling us what colour your Target voucher was, then I realised you probably meant the coat 🙂

  2. Did you get the 60s-style coat? That’ll look fabulous on you.What runners did you get?

  3. Well done. I love it when Target has sales! Photos 🙂

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