I did end up going for a run today.  The knee felt better the more I moved around so I figured I’d test it out.  I don’t think the run did it any harm so all’s good.

I think I need to start getting organised.  My downfall this past week was that I’ve been doing stuff every night after work.  If I leave the house around 6.00-6.30, it’s too early for dinner for me but I get starving before I get home so end up buying something in the city.  This week I want to have a bigger lunch so if I’m doing stuff at night, I can just take something with me.

Good news – my sister starts work tomorrow.  I don’t think I mentioned this before but she had a really tough time.  She had a job in a call centre but it involved over an hour travel each way, plus they said it was part time then pushed everyone to do full time hours.  It really was too much for her as she’s getting over Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  So anyway she applied for other jobs and got one doing data entry – as in they rang her on the Friday morning saying she’d got the job and they just had to do a reference check.  Since the job started on the Monday morning, she quit her call centre job.  The data entry ppl called her back on the Friday arvo and said she didn’t have the job after all.

She checked with her referee and they’d called him and left a message and he hadn’t had a chance to get back to them.  The data entry ppl were putting on 17 ppl so we reckon they just put on the first ones that they got references for.  It was all very nasty and she was left without a job.

The really bad thing is that she’s mentioned this to ppl and a few have had the same thing happen.  It’s just wrong – why tell ppl they have a job if they don’t?

Anyway, she’s not been working for the past few weeks and been very stressed about it.  I’ve been being supportive and telling her something will turn up soon but really I’ve been pretty stressed too.  I mean it’s just over 8 weeks until we go to Japan.  I guess if it came to the crunch, I’d lend her the money to go but that would leave me way short.  I don’t even know if I’ll have work after this contract ends in 2 weeks.  Also I think it’s important for her to get her own money and not rely on me.

2 responses to “ps

  1. Crikey turn around for five minutes and you have 4 new posts! So much reading to do! 😛
    That’s rough on your sister – good news about her new job 🙂
    Here’s some healing vibes for your knee.
    I can’t even walk past the spin studio without cringing. But then again, everyt time I walk past, I admire thepuffing red-faced fat bloke in the baggy cotton t-shirt who obviously shows up to every class even though it’s hard work and everyone else is single digit body fat

  2. Being the type of person you are, I’m sure you’ll have another job before the 2 weeks is up 😀

    Great news about your sister. It’s always easier to find another job once you’ve already got one.

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