57 days to Japan: Injured!

I had a session with my PT on Friday.  It seemed to go okay but yesterday I had a really sore knee.  So sore I can hardly walk.  You can just imagine how happy I am about that.  I’m pretty certain it happened during one exercise where you roll sideways on the fitball while shuffling your feet across, esp since it’s on the inside of my knee and I can’t imagine any other exercise where I’d use that part of my leg.

If it’s not any better by tomorrow, I think I’ll pay my physio a visit.  But I wanted to run today!

Yesterday, despite the injury, I went to spin class.  I haven’t done spin in well over a year.  Got there early and there was a dude already there.  He looked at my torso and said – “that’s a lost cause, isn’t it?”


Luckily, before I got a chance to deck him, he pointed out the words “Save Brittney” on tee-shirt – I’d forgotten I was wearing it!

I absolutely forgot the first rule of spin class.  Don’t sit near the mirrors.  I swear spin bikes are designed to make you look bad, esp if all your weight is around your midsection… double esp when you’re leaning forward on the bike.  All the fat gets squished up.  I spent the whole class thinking stuff like this:

I’m so fat.

I didn’t realise I was so fat.

I’m huge.

I’m like the fattest person in the world.

Maybe I should ring the Guiness book of records.

I’m so totally and utterly fat.

Not good at all.  After class, I used the spanky new members change room – bliss, no general public hogging all the showers – then put on my cute little dress and my cute boots and felt much better about myself.


10 responses to “57 days to Japan: Injured!

  1. Hhmm, I think I need to do a spin class and set myself up near a mirror. Maybe then it will shock me into serious action to get the weight off my midriff 🙄

  2. Hope your knee is better soon. I’m feeling lots of sympathy after collecting a few hits at hockey yesterday, one right on the inside of my sore knee.

  3. Ice it now! Poor spin class dude must have been wondering what he did to earn the stare of death!

  4. Oh Kathyrn you just made me spit coke everywhere. I can just imagine the retort that was on your lips when that guy said what he did about your t-shirt 😀

    Luckily we don’t have mirrors in our spin room….phew!

    And I agree with Sara – get some ice on the knee.

  5. Yep – RICE if you haven’t already, hope it get’s better soon. I’d say that guy was lucky he got specific about what he meant in a hurry!

  6. For a moment there I thought you were going to say you decked him 😆

    A cute dress will always make everything better.

  7. Oh MAN, I can only imagine the blood pressure rising when that guy gave you that comment!

    And I’m with JayKay, I’m glad that at both of the gyms I go to, there are no mirrors.

    Ice that knee good and proper – hope it gets better soon.

  8. BLOODY HELL i was about to punch the compiter when you got to the tshirt bit. Hehe. Hope that knee is better soon comrade

  9. Hope your knee feels better soon Kathryn. Ouchies!

  10. hehehe brittany tee shirt. too funny.
    that inner dialogue is the pits – glad you got over it with your dress & boots!
    Hope your knee is OK – sometimes mine is so bad I can’t climb up or down my stairs after a heavy training session, then the next day is back to normal.

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