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Weigh In 85.8 kgs

Arrrgghhh – I knew my weight would go up after last week but I didn’t think it’d be this bad.  Still I’ve not eaten well this week.

From now on I want to give myself a rating on my effort for the week and this week’s rating is 4/10.  Too much snacking on unhealthy foods – well there was that big sugar binge!  This week’s goal is to cut back on treats to one a day and more eating (and cooking) at home.

I’m off to the market tonight to stock up and am going to do a big cook up this weekend.


Finally made it to the doctor today.  I told him about my sore neck and started poking it and, of course, it’s not sore today.  Isn’t that always the way.  Still I’d rather have no soreness than not look like a dill at the doctors.

It wasn’t a wasted trip since I got my blood tests back (from about 4 months ago, I’m so slack).  He said my cholestrol was okay for a normal person but a bit high for a diabetic.  Then he checked my blood sugars and asked me how come I was diagnosed with diabetes!  He said they are as low as he’s seen.  Woohoo!

Sometimes I get so caught up in the outward results – the scales and how I look – that I forget about the insides.  To be honest, it’s really shit me that my sister has been losing weight while ‘ve been gaining.  She doesn’t eat well but she only eats one (big, rubbishy) meal a day).  I guess it pays off though cos I’m totally healthy and awesomely well while she’s chronically fatigued.

Not that I’m a total Mother Theresa or anything.  The outsides are pretty damn important too.

New Plan

I did something really smart today – I walked down to Maccas and got a chicken salad for lunch.  Then I worked out I burnt MORE calories walking there then there are in the salad (the Maccas was a fair hike away).  That’s just mind-blowingly awesome.  I figure I’ll lose scads of weight if I only eat from places that are a long way away.  Like if I want tiramisu, I’ll walk to Sydney and eat it.  The only problem will be explaining my long coffee breaks at work.

Seriously though, I really did enjoy getting off-site for lunch.  I’ve really missed working in an area where you have lunch options!  I’m thinking I might go for a walk every day at lunch time – maybe take a cut lunch and go along the walking tracks (since I’m not paying $7 for a scummy salad every day).


Firstly, I took the laptop in to get fixed this morning and the bloody thing worked perfectly.  Good for my wallet but embarassing and annoying.  Oh and here’s a tip: it might be nice to look at pics of half naked footy players as your background but it’s mighty embarassing when you have to take your computer to be repaired!

Half-marathon plans:  I went to the gym last night cos it was too yucky outside to run, and I noticed something interesting: my leg problems are more from cramping than muscle soreness.  I have all manner of weird shit because of dodgy electrolyte levels in my body – cramping and getting dizzy spells when I stand up too (my blood pressure drops too quickly).  It only happens occasionally and the doctors aren’t really concerned but it’s annoying.  So, to combat this, I’m getting stuck into the Powerade plus my yoga teacher suggested muscle relaxant tablets (after I had a cramping fit in yoga) so hopefully she’ll have those for me tonight.

The other interesting thing I noticed is that the calf cramps are worse when I run slow because I’m using my calf muscles more.  When I picked up the speed, my upper legs are working harder and taking the load off the calves. 

I’m thinking that maybe on Sunday the plan will be to alternate running faster with walking rather than trying to stick to an even pace – when I stop to walk, it eases the cramps much more than stretching (I can barely stretch the muscles when they’re cramping).

After Sunday Plans:  To stop feeling so panicked, I’ve been trying to focus on my goals and plans, post-Sunday.  I’ve got a lot going on atm:

  • Six week weight loss blitz starting Monday to get in shape for my nan’s 95th.  Have to look my best for seeing the rellos.
  • Getting ready for my go-go dancing demo (ie. not wagging class to play Singstar & doing some practice)
  • More cross training, including finding a boxing class once a week, more yoga, more pilates, more weight training.  
  • Runningwise, I want to take things easy for a few weeks then start training for the Lorne Mountain to Surf.  I’m not aiming for a particular time or anything – instead my challenge for this year is to run (not walk) all the bloody hills/mountains at the start. 

My Baby’s So Vain…

Sometimes I think that despite losing weight, I’ve not changed at all in the important things – how I perceive myself and my whole self-image, then something happens that makes me realise that I’ve definitely had some healthy shifts in attitude.

The other day we passed a sign for a gym in my area and their big selling point was “No Mirrors”.  The old me would have been all – “yahs!  gym with no mirrors.”  On certain days, when the moon is right and the stars align, I might even have thought ‘No, how can I check out my makeup*/hair/legs?’  But instead of all these appearance-focussed thoughts, my initial reaction was ‘OMG, that’s so wrong!  How can you do weights properly if you can’t check your form?  That’s just plain dangerous.’

A small but pivotal change, I think.

 * I NEVER wear makeup to the gym, well not on purpose anyways.  Sometimes I have incidental work makeup and that’s embarassing enough.


I’m going to see Stardust tonight (after a run cos I was too lazy to go before work).  The rest of the weekend – well I’ve decided the month of ME needs to focus on creating a better living space this weekend. 

  • I’m getting rid of all the stuff I don’t need – either throwing things out or taking them to my storage space – and rearranging furniture. 
  • I want to create a really nice area for doing weights & yoga at home.  I’ve finally got my dvd player working on my laptop so I can use my yoga dvds.
  • I’m going to “Spring” things up – make the room more open and breezy.  I put nice summery bed linen on the bed last week and that made me very happy, a few weeks ago I ruthlessly weeded out my underwear drawer.  This weekend I’m going to put more time into doing stuff like that.  I really need to go through my wardrobe.  Hell, I might even clean out the fridge.

After that, I want to focus the rest of my month of ME on making me beautiful.  Does anyone know anything about tattoo makeup?  I have sparse spots on my eyebrows and have been considering it to save drawing them on (I’m not, as a certain friend suggested, thinking of anchors or love hearts – not on the brows anyway).