I’ve refrained from facebook stalking.  It’s only going to lead to trouble, I know it.  Plus, I’m so not sure about this guy.  If someone gave me a like a blank relationship page and told me to write my ideal outcome for this, I’d not even know where to begin.  I guess that’s not a good sign.  Still he’s fun to be around. 

I really want to blog about some work stuff but I’m so paranoid about that kind of thing.   I’ll just say, I’m really looking forward to the moment when my contract ends!

Also, I went to personal training today and I’ve done something to my hip.  Not good.


2 responses to “Suckage

  1. I would stalk for sure! Just make sure you never accidentally refer to something you never should have known in conversation. I bet he is stalking you! Rest that hip- no point trying to get sneaky training in now for Run4Kids- just have a healthy week.

  2. Stalking can be creepy, and I agree leads to trouble. Spontaneity and playing with the unknown is so much more exciting and sexier I reckon. Hope your hip feels better quick smart!

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