Back into it then…

Not much exercise this weekend, just lots of drinking and eating.  I feel ready to get back into a bit more healthier lifestyle now.  Debating whether to risk the weather and go for a run, or risk holiday public transport and go into the gym.  Actually I could go option 3 and do a circuit style workout at home.  That might be best. 

You know what is a sign you’ve drank too much?  When you run out of wine and drink your guest’s bourbon.  Who the hell drinks Jim Beam after they turn 16?


5 responses to “Back into it then…

  1. I think I need to drink a little less. It’s becoming an every night couple of glasses of red.

  2. Who the hell drinks Jim Beam who is literate and has a job????
    (I am casting aspersions :P)

  3. I do, I do. uh oh Does that make me a bogan? I alsodrink wine at $80 a bottle. Actually, come to think of it, I’ll drink practically anything.

    My diet mission also took a nose dive thanks to a lovely bottle of shiraz.

  4. or Southern Comfort

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