I’m waiting for the Coles online man to bring my groceries.  I want to get in the shower but I know he’ll turn up as soon as I do.  Frustrating. 

I’m also tense because we are having our housewarming party tonight and I’ve invited a certain someone and, even though he’s said he’ll come, I’m not sure if he will.  I’m wondering if I should text him and ask.  Would that look needy?  I’d rather know now if he’s going to not come so I can schedule in the whole getting pissy thing before the other guests arrive, and then relax and enjoy their company.

Oh I think the Coles man is here!  Yah!


3 responses to “Waiting…

  1. Hope your house warming party went well. Did the man you wanted to come show up??

  2. I was waiting for the phone man the other day, asked the stupid housemate to keep an ear out for the door and got nuded up for the shower- ding dong! Housemate was oblivious and I had to re-clothe in a hurry. It is the quickest way to get them there!

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