Freak Out

It’s Run for the Kids in like 9 days time.  I am not prepared.  I have never been so not prepared in my life!  I haven’t even run more than a few kms in ages.  The last time I ran any kind of distance was the Mountain to Surf in early Jan.  And that was only 8 kms.  And I walked a lot of it. 

The first R4tK, I’d just started running.  I had no idea if I could even make the distance.  Still, I was more prepared for that run than this one.  I am lazy and unfit and totally full of body ceasing-up-ness if I even try to run.

I’d actually thought of quiting until I read Cil’s blog post about NOT quitting and now I feel totally shamed into not quitting.  I am going to be running on shame — shame for getting so out of shape and not training and being a total sook about things.  I will get my worst time ever and hang my head. 

I walked home from work the other night… well part of the way home, like to Preston, and that took forever and, even discounting the fact that I won’t be stopping to browse in shoe shops along Brunswick St during R4tK (well I hope not cos I’ll be awfully lost), I’m going to do a shockingly bad time. 

It’s fine to say that doing the run is the most important thing but my honest feeling is that I want to keep improving.  I expect to get better.  That doesn’t happen without putting in the work though.  No pain, no gain and all that.  Also, I need to get on top of all the injuries and crap (it’s not really an injury, it just hurts to run… a lot). 

So, I’ll be there on the day (what day is it again.. the Sunday I think??) and I’ll finish the course, either running or walking.  Then I’m going to pick another event and actually train properly.  I want that fuzzy glow inside when I check my time against last year’s and know that I’m a winner, cos I’ve only got to bet myself.


5 responses to “Freak Out

  1. I’m with you too. I haven’t run that far since R4TK last year. My runs recently have all been 8km or less. And now I’m injured. But I’m finishing it too. By hook or by crook.

  2. I’m a bit freaked out about my half marathon in three weeks too. I haven’t trained nearly as hard this time. I’m like you – I want to improve and get better, but the only way that happens is with hard work and I must admit that I just haven’t done that this time, for many reasons. I know I can do it, but whether I do it in the same time I did last time is another matter! I’m no quitter though! I just want to get through it at this stage.

  3. why don’t you get your worst time ever and then hold your head high b/c it’s a) a tribute to your guts and b) faster than mine? We’ll probably be at Transport afterward, it’d be great to see you 🙂

  4. yeah. see you there!

  5. i’m in the same boat…i am gonna be in pain this time next week!
    PS just stumbled across you blog and enjoy reading it…linked from someone elses, can’t remember who tho!

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