Have you ever noticed, when you go shopping or are looking at shops online that they sell out of the largest sizes first?  The xl is always out of stock while the size 6 stuff ends up in the end of season clearance bin.  You’d think shops would be smarter about that that stuff – get in more big clothes.  Seriously, who the hell really wears a size 6 anyway?  Not real people with real money.

Having said that, I really do need to stop shopping.  I’m spending way too much money lately.  Like last night, I was waiting for my sister on account of her having free tickets to the Alice in Wonderland preview (yah!) and ended up buy clothes.  Just because.  Well it was a totally awesome, leopard-esque trench coat. 

Oh yeah, and get this – I got in trouble with some wee young shop girl because I tried on the coat WITHOUT GOING INTO THE CHANGE ROOM!!!!   OMG yes.  I’m evil!  It’s against store policy for you to check the size without hauling your butt across the store and getting a tag and lining up to use a teeny, badly lit room.  

I was going to go into a rant at the poor girl but then I realised I’d won… ha ha, I’d already tried on the coat before she said.  Then, for extra evil, I held a jumper up in front of me to see how it looked.  Oh yeah, I went that far.


2 responses to “Shops

  1. Oddly, maybe it’s a male vs female thing, but I usually find heaps of clothes in the big sizes and none in the smaller ones.

  2. Pfffft, I try on stuff outside the change room all the time, I tried on a jacket in myer the other day because the change room was on the other side of the store and I couldn’t be arsed walking over there just to try on a jacket.

    These shop girls who were barely a fetus when I left uni have ideas way above their stations let me tell you.

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