I think one of my biggest problems, when it comes to weight loss – and life in general, is sleep.  I start off the week with it all hanging together nicely but by Wednesday or Thursday, everything falls into a screaming heap. 

Since I’ve moved, things have been much better.  It’s amazing how you can live in the crappest conditions and get used to them, only realising how crap they are when they are gone.  It’s taken a few weeks just for me to be able to sleep all night.  I never realised just how often I’d wake during the night until I stopped.  Having an industrial cool room under your bedroom, with fans that come on and off during the night, really doesn’t give you a good night’s sleep.

I feel so much more alive now and able to get myself motivated to do things.  I’m enjoying cooking in a real kitchen.  I still go to bed too late though – I think month’s of not being able to go to bed (no point trying to sleep until the cafe shut… and they finished cleaning — OMG how much noise do people make cleaning esp when they put on LOUD doof music…) has created some really bad habits.

So, my goal for the week is to get to bed at a reasonable hour.   I don’t want to be half alive by the end of the week.  And I don’t want to waste my weekends playing sleep catch up any more.

Anyway, today I’m heading off to the dockland for the Japanese Summer festival then to a friend’s wedding.


2 responses to “Sleep

  1. I am in complete agreeance- I love sleep and think I could sleep for Australia and be a gold medal chance! See if you can train up and go for silver.

  2. I agree – I often eat when I am tired.

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