Good diet/bad diet

How would you define a diet (eating plan/lifestyle change/whatever you want to call it) that works?

Lately, and not so lately, I’ve had people give me diet advice that seems a bit faulty.

At a previous job, my boss raved about the benefits of one of those shake diets.  She’d lost heaps of weight on it so it obviously worked. She was much bigger than me and saying this as she took a large helping of morning tea.  All the weight she’d lost, and more, had come back but hey, the diet worked!

Another workmate was talking about the lemon detox diet.  I told her I’d thought about it but realised that the near starvation levels and lack of nutrition meant you were cannabilising muscle rather than losing fat (but I said it much less succinctly).  Her answer was – “but so and so lost over 10 kilos on it!”  Again, so and so had lost the weight.

I guess this is how diet industry makes money:  judge on short term results; fit into the wedding dress then let yourself go. 

To me, a diet only makes sense if you lose weight and keep it off.  If you can sustain the plan in the long term.  It’s easy to lose weight, I’ve done it heaps of times 🙂 

Anyway, I’ve lost 2 kilograms over the past 3 weeks.  I’ve got a lardfull of Christmas weight to get rid of and then some.  I guess I can’t proclaim to have The Way as I’ve put on so much weight myself.  But you know something, I’m over my fussing about it.  I figured out this:  if I put on 15 kgs in year, I sure as hell can lose 15 kgs in a year.  Cut out the things I don’t care about, the “just because” things.  That’s best way!


6 responses to “Good diet/bad diet

  1. Kathryn, you’re so right. I put no stock at all in all those “diets”. We all know what we should and shouldn’t be eating, if we cut out some of the “shouldn’ts” (you’ve got to have some), and concentrate on the “shoulds” you’ll move in the right direction.

  2. My husband’s work mate lost heaps on the shake diet and has kept it off for a few years but only because he stays on the ‘shake maintenance diet’. So now my hubby wants to go on it too, much to my disgust. I’ve had him eating healthy and staying off the booze and the weight is coming off slowly but he is getting frustrated and wants to do the quick fix. He is very overweight so I’m thinking that if going on the shake diet keeps him on the straight and narrow maybe its better than doing nothing.

    I’ve watched/read you slowly putting on the weight and have thought ‘Oh no Kathryn, time to take control’ but you know what, I’ve been doing the exact same thing for the past 2 years, slowly stacking on the weight with the result that I need to lose 15kg. 2kg in 3 weeks is exactly what I’ve lost too.

  3. Those shakes just make no sense at all- it doesnt solve the over-eating problem so when you stop- bulge!
    I am inspired by your weight- loss, time for me to be sensible. (so limited tempura in Japan?)

  4. You should patent the “Kathryn diet” – eat stuff you want to eat, but not the ‘just habit” thiings! It’ll be a worldwide sensation! Actually it’s just stopped me having a biscuit ‘just because’, so thanks

  5. I would really like an “eat chocolate, drink wine and get svelte” diet.
    Am on weight watchers and having a day off it a week. It is good. Not too painful. slow – but this is the way.

  6. Bingo, I had a hissy fit about that stupid 48 hour (piss it all away) Detox thing yesterday.

    I am going to start selling cholera in a jar, crap it all away in a week, really get those ribs and hip bones to pop out, sure you might die but you’ll be really skinny when you do, yay!

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