This week and a rant about PT

Got a new laptop.  It’s definitely NOT a mac.  All comments about mac wankers aside, I use MS so much for work that I couldn’t claim a mac on my tax so that puts it out of my price range.

Okay, I’ve got to share this story.  My friend thought his mum was using “LOL”  fairly randomly in her text messages.  When he visited her he asked about it.  She was like, “yeah, Lots Of Love.”  Ha.  Then he was like I hope you haven’t used it inappropriately.  Found out she’d sent an email to her friend – sorry to hear your mum died, LOL!   Oops.

So I kinda failed on my bento challenge this week.  I started the week fine then fell in a heap mid-week.  I’m finding I fall in a heap mid-week about most things so my next challenge is to get more sleep.  That way I’ll avoid being too buggered to think by Wednesday.

Living in the suburbs you learn a lot about life.  My sister asked me what I thought the boundary was for thinking it’s okay to dress badly when you live in the burbs.  She meant how many months it took but I thought she meant geographically so I said Thornbury.  I think Thornbury is around about it though.  I saw a girl dressed all cute and Harajuku style at the train station the other day.  I don’t know why but I wanted to thank her.  Also, why are the peak hour trains filled with people who look unemployed?

The suburbs and public transport are a weird combo.  I used to think public transport was mainly used by people on drugs.  Now I realise the whole system was actually designed by people on drugs.  Like, I used to think that if a bus went to a train station it would be kind of timetabled to arrive and depart in some kind of synchronicity to the trains.  Ha, I mock innocent inner city me.  That is like believing in the tooth fairy or something. 

I am also starting to realise how lazy inner city folk are.  I am about 2 km from the station.  Not too far to walk, you’d think.   So why are the last 2 km of my train route almost continous train platforms?  We don’t need 18 train stations in Richmond.  Those lazy Richmond bastards could actually WALK to the city from home. 

And Victoria Park = WTF?   In all my years of catching the Epping/Hurstbridge trains, I’ve seen like a total of 3 people get on or off there.  Why is it a train station?  You go two foot and you are at Collingwood station anyway.

Also, don’t run express trains if there is no infrastructure for it.   There is ONE set of rail tracks.  It doesn’t work.  Morons.

I think they should just get Japan Rail to take it over.  In Japan, they never say “JR apologise for any inconvenience caused”.  You know why?  Because they never cause any inconvenience.  Melbourne, your public transport is pants.


6 responses to “This week and a rant about PT

  1. I thought it was going to be a personal training rant. But what an excellent Public Transport rant!!
    The PT in Europe and UK also kicks arse over melbs. Hell, the Kazakhstan PT is prolly better than Melbs!!

  2. Funny post. The story about the mum, it’s something I would do. You gave me a good lol.

  3. Come to NZ & try the Auckland public transport system! You have it good in Melbourne by a long shot compared to ours.

  4. When I was at uni I’d catch a bus from Monash to Murunbeena station, 9 times out of 10 it would pull in just as the train was pulling out, leaving us with half a freaking hour to wait for the next one. I swear to christ the bus driver was a twisted sadist who would slow down on purpose, I hope he got syphilis or something.

    I assume that in Japan if the train is late there is no apology because the station master is too busy committing ritual suicide for putting out the good commuters of osaka.

    • Our bus drivers actually are the most awesome part of the commute! They are so jolly (and let me catch the bus in zone 2 with my zone 1 ticket).

      In Japan, if your train is ever late, you get a late note to take to work. Imagine if they did that in Melbs. Goodbye unemployment, even the bums would have jobs writing late notes.

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  5. I had a good LOL about your friend’s mum- my sister was the same and thought a guy at work was keen on her because she kept getting lots of LOLs!
    I am a slave to public transport now and it sucks the big one- especially when I am pissy and get into fights with bogans smoking on the train- I ride for free so I figure it is the least I can do!

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