Oh no!

My laptop, like Patrick Swayze in Point Break, is not coming back. 

They could maybe fix it except that Acer no longer make the motherboards for it.  It’s like a year old.  Bastards.  I am never buying an extended warranty for anything ever again because this isn’t covered and now I have like 2 years of warranty left for nothing.  I wonder if I can get a refund.

I am getting my hard drive tomorrow.  I can’t even remember what’s on it but I’m sure it’s stuff I’d miss if I didn’t have.  Oh yeah, like my resume.  Rewriting that from scratch would be the biggest PITA ever.

I have been looking at Vaio laptops.  They are sexier than other brands.  I guess it’s going to be while before I get a coffee machine 😦  At least I have canned coffee — don’t knock it until you try it! 

I wish I hadn’t eaten my lunch already.  The bento* challenge is going well.

* When I say “bento”, I basically mean a cut lunch/leftovers not one of those fancy bentos you see on the internet with food made into pictures of Hello Kitty frolicking through a field of daisies or any of that stuff.

5 responses to “Oh no!

  1. that really sucks! My Acer is ~4 years old, and it got a new motherboard just last year.


  2. Hi, been reading your blog for a while as I relate your exercise habits and you’re funny and make me laugh.

    They were talking about extended warranties on TT or ACA the other night and how extended warranties aren’t worth it as goods you buy should last a reasonable amount of time not just the warranty period, ie if you buy a tv or pc it should last more than the manufacturers 1 year warranty. So you should be covered by a statutory warranty which is Australian law and if it fails within an unreasonable amount of time its the sellers responsibility to fix, replace it or refund you.

    Check out the choice website http://www.choice.com.au/Reviews-and-Tests/Technology/Home-entertainment/Accessories/Extended-warranties/Page/Statutory%20rights%20and%20wrongs.aspx

    Hope it works out for you.

  3. Tough news about the laptop! Hope you get the stuff you need off the hard drive.

  4. macbookmacbookmacbook!!!
    I frickin hate windows. I hate microsoft.

  5. I agree about eating lunch- if I take my lunch to work I daydream about eating it all morning and usually give in at about 11.30.

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