I didn’t have a clean sports bra on Friday so figured I’d buy one before the gym.  Went to Big W and got the bra.  Putting it on and the clip thing that attaches the strap to the back of the bra went *PING*.  Therefore, no running and now I have to go all the way back to Big W to return it.  Damn dodgy bras.  I think you should get compensation for your time when you have to return faulty merchandise.  A replacement just isnt’ enough.

My stars said I’d met someone special on Valentines Day.  Stars, you lie.  I met no one.  Maybe I should have left Reservior!  The cafe and Coles had few eligible men.  Speaking of, I get checked out every morning at the bus stop. By every single (I don’t mean single in the marital sense either) guy driving by. 

Laptop is at the laptop hospital.  I hope it will pull through.  We have cable internets now, fast but useless without a computer.

I did something stupid on Friday — I got in touch with the guy I was seeing last year.  We were going to met up but then he totally stood me up and didn’t return my calls.  He was driving back from the peninsula so the preferred reason is that he plummetted off a cliff due to texting while driving.

My challenge for this week is to make a bento lunch every day.  If my computer was working, I’d take pics.  Sorry.

2 responses to “Boiiing

  1. Young lady, you missed your yoga class today 😉

    No lime green hotpants, he was decked out in pink cargo’s this time

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