Life Questions

I had an interview for another job in Japan yesterday.  It was an all day thing, including presenting a lesson we’d planned, so basically all weekend was caught up with planning for the interview then being at the interview.  Afterwards, they were calling people between 4-6 pm for a second interview.  I didn’t get called 😦

I’ve been thinking I could do further study that would help me get a job teaching English in Japan but I don’t know that I’m that interested — which makes me question my whole reason for doing this. 

I want to live in Japan and I want to learn Japanese.  One option is go for a while and study Japanese. 

The salary for teaching English isn’t so great anyway.  If I stay in Australia for longer I can save money (I can save more than the monthly teaching salary every month anyway). 

Another idea I’ve been toying with is a long holiday in Japan, followed by a trip on the Trans-Siberian railway across Russia then some time in Europe ending up staying with friends in London.  It’s totally do-able. 

Sometimes it’s good to realise that life is always full of options.


5 responses to “Life Questions

  1. Totally save if you can do it and just go to enjoy your time over there if the teaching pay is shite. There are always options but it’s about being able to let go of any one. You just got me excited about all the possibilities!

  2. I think you should save our $$ & do an extended trip. If you go there to teach you have time & location constraints that you would not otherwise have.

    Maybe when you are there you could pick u p some private tutoring which fits in with your plans.

  3. You are right- we are pretty blessed to be tossing up such options. Do you follow

  4. Life is indeed full of options, and things always have a way of working out. I think save if you can and go travelling. You’ll never regret it. 😀

  5. And will you really get to learn that much Japanese if you are teaching English, all your students will want to practice their English. A friend of mine tutors Japanese students here and it’s English all the way.

    How cool would it be to go to Russia, I have what I am sure are unrealistically romantic notions about that place.

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