• Why is it NOT Friday?  I keep thinking it’s Friday but it isn’t. 
  • Why is my morning bus ride full of school kids who look 30?  Not in a “dressing older than your years” way but in a “had a hard life” way.
  • Why is my workplace full of arrogant dudes who gesticulate far too much when they talk?  I’ve nearly been wiped out a few times when I’ve just been walking around minding my own business.
  • Why …. arrrgghhhh suits…. why?  Thanks for the suggestions but my main problem is that, since I’ve put on weight, I’m kinda between regular and plus sizes.  The regular sizes are too small around my belly, the plus sizes have shoulders like an American footballer!  Why?
  • Also why… do regular sizes get sections – casual, business, slutty etc but plus sizes are ONE section… Plus.  Like, here you go fatties, a bunch of random clothes.  And be damn grateful for them.  And no, we have no suits because everyone knows fatties can’t hold a corporate job!  And definitely no shirts with collars.  Fat people wear tops, not shirts. 
  • Why does soy sauce come in fishes?  It’s not made from fish.
  • Why is it still not Friday?
  • Why is there NOWHERE that sells decent coffee north of Separation Street?
  • Why can’t I just ask people a question at work, instead of having to schedule a meeting in outlook to which they invite other people until it become a major issue?
  • Why do I own so many books?  They are heavy.  I’m throwing them out and getting one of those electronic book reader things?
  • Why do people complain about having no time to do things yet spend 30 minutes or more, twice a day, sitting on the train staring blankly into space?

7 responses to “Why?

  1. Patience, grasshopper. Friday is tomorrow.
    I hate meetings. A good way of wasting time. If I want to waste time I want to do it on my own terms.
    What about dress and jacket? What about getting some stuff made?

  2. I went through a very puzzling phase a phew years ago where I could not figure out why I kept seeing these little red plastic things on the footpaths in the city, I finally figured out it was the tops of the soy sauce fish.

    I adore books (until I have to move), there is a Kindle in my house now and I’ve discovered a hitherto unknown luddite streak and am heartily resisting it’s lure.

  3. It’s Friday now. The kids on the bus look 30 because they all went to a rave party the night before. You must work with Italians, or maybe they are practicing to be Italians by waving their hands around. Try to do the same, greet them with ‘Come stai’.
    As for all the other questions; I really don’t have an answer for you.

  4. Why indeed! At least it’s Friday and you get to beautify your new place now 🙂

  5. *hugs* I so understand what you’re talking about re: Large size sections. And lookee, it’s Friday now!

  6. I’ve been thinking about a Kindle too, but think that I just love the feel of those real pages too much. I do hate the current trend to release all books hardback, then in that stupid large paperback format before you get a decent sized paperback.

    Don’t talk to me about meetings, I just had to fly to Singapore for one that lasted 3 whole days.

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