Well Dressed #2

I shoul’dn’t even have to mention this but, every time I walk around the city, I see this common sense tip is not so well known.

* When you get dressed, look in the mirror.  If a complete stranger can tell if your belly button is an innie or an outie, your top is too tight and yoú’ll look fat if you wear it. 

Who’d have thought you needed to spell that out?

Anyway, these are my fashion goals for the rest of this month, and going into February:

  1. Don’t leave the house without wearing a bra.  Okay, you’d think I wouldn’t need to spell this out but sometimes I’m just popping downstairs for a cup of coffee then I get distracted.  Also maybe I should make that, don’t even pop downstairs without a bra (that’s just for this month cos after that there will be NO downstairs).
  2. Buy new shoes.  I have like 1 pair that is decent to wear to work.  I wear them most every day.  That’s not good.
  3. Buy a good, plain black suit.  I need one.  I can’t find one anywhere.  Damn fashion.  Damn being “on style”.  Whatever happened to classics?
  4. Get a haircut.  My hair is annoying me.  I was thinking of going to a hair college for a cheap haircut then realised I’d have to take (unpaid) time off work to do it.  Since I get paid more than a hairdresser, it’s a false economy really.
  5. Don’t dress like a kindergartener for work.

5 responses to “Well Dressed #2

  1. Try Katies or Susanne Grae or Autograph for a suit. They usually have a black jacket and pants. Let me know how you go. Also try the matching skirt; I am more of a skirt girl than pants girl.
    A nice suit can make you feel like the duck’s nuts (similar to the bees knees).

  2. A good haircut is essential. No amount of quality dressing is going to look good if your hair is all shaggy and daggy.

  3. I only have one pair of work shoes too, which get worn till worn out, then replaced. Oh, and I never wear a bra to work either 🙂

  4. Oh god, I need more shoes too – definitely get your hair cut because it’ll make you feel like a million bucks. When I leave my hair uncut for too long it makes me feel shabby.

  5. Country Road in Bridge Road have heaps of plain suits and they do seem to last forever despite being made in a sweatshop in China.

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