I’m moving house soon.  I can’t wait.  Peace and quiet.  I am really looking forward to getting to sleep before 2 am.    The most urgent moving need is to get a coffee machine.  Can anyone recommend one that is good and cheap?

I’m still not back on track with diet and exercise but things are getting better.  I am going to set some goals for the rest of the month:

  1. Exercise everyday, even if it’s just light exercise.  Got to get in to the mindframe that exercise needs to be done.
  2. Track food.  Even if I don’t try to limit my food, I think just tracking it will be a good start.  It’s too easy to forget things or think something is okay when it’s not.
  3. Drink water.  I’m good at work but less so at home.

I ran on the treadmill on Friday.  Last night I used my massage roller on my calves and couldn’t believe what tight balls of tightness they were.  I think the running plan needs to focus on short and often rather than nothing for a week or so then going all out.

5 responses to “Moving!

  1. Glad you’re moving … I’m guessing you won’t miss the noise from the cafe!

    My calves are chronically tight too! Maybe you should try some dry needling !

  2. Must be a relief to be moving away from all the noise!

    I also have tight calves, no matter how much massage they get!

  3. Fingers crossed that this is the perfect relocation

  4. If you don’t mind a little bit of effort think about a stove top espresso machine, not electrical and no moving parts so less things to go kaput. I did have a good Gaggia which served me well for 8 years before the pump died but I was being too tight bum to fork out over $500 to replace it so I bought one of these instead and it’s been fab so far –

  5. Whoot! Thank god you’re moving gorgeous.

    1. Exercise is like brushing your teeth, you just have to do it. No excuses.

    2. I actually bought one of those Moleskine Day to a Page Diaries and have been tracking my food again. It really does help, but we both know that from past experience 🙂

    3. Maybe buy yourself one of those Brita Jugs? I have one sitting next to my sink which reminds me every time I go to the kitchen. Mmm, I need a drink now in fact…

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