Tonight I made gyudon for dinner.  That’s Japanese style beef on rice.  Yum yum.  I’d have posted a pic but I’ve eaten it.

It was such a major freak out for me to buy Japanese style beef – ie. beef marbled with fat.  It was like going against everything I’ve been told to believe – like swearing in church or something.  OMG I’m buy fat.  On purpose.

Then I realised something – Japanese people -> eat fatty meat -> aren’t fat.  Australians -> obsessed with fat free -> are fat.

That’s a simplification since there are fat Japanese people (prolly cos they eat Western food) and all that but still.

Also, processed carbs = bad but Japanese people eat white rice all the time.  Even for breakfast. 

Arrgghhh… my head is going to explode!

9 responses to “Fat

  1. That’s why all the healthy eating rules should be taken with a grain of salt (pardon the pun).

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmm……… gyudon…………….

  3. If your head exploded than you can guarantee that you will be about 2 kilos lighter. That would be good.

  4. It’s because they still eat less – it’s all about the eat vs burn ratio.

  5. They not only eat smaller portions than us but you must have seen the amount of incidental exercise they do? They ride or walk everywhere!

  6. I love wagyu beef!

  7. This is a huge over-generalisation and I by no means think this applies to the entirety of everyone in Japan. Every Japanese person I’ve met is to some degree lactose intolerant, cannot handle their booze and eats like a sparrow. And from what I’m led to believe by my gastroenterologist (when he told me to lay off the carbs), processed white rice is still better in relation to digestion than wheat products.

  8. Agreed Sarah, it is an over-generalisation.

    And yeah, you can lose weight if you control your portion sizes and exercise enough on any diet. Even living on Tim Tams!

    There are so many “rules” about what we should be eating and I think it just confuses the issue.

    Also, I found eating a small portion of the fatty meat is much more filling.

  9. Sorry, I meant to say the over-generalisation was for what I was about to say, not in relation to your post :).

    The “rules” do my head in. When I follow rules, I inevitable end up looking for loopholes!

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