Ups and Downs!

After my last post, that very night even, the people from the cafe decided to stay back drinking (and laughing/talking very loudly).  At 12.30 I went downstairs and had a few words to the owner.  I calmly put across my point of view.  It’s good to do these things calmly, rather than getting worked up and stressed then angry.  They left not long after.

I don’t think I got my real point across though.  It’s not that I had to go down and ask them to be quiet THIS TIME. It’s that I have to do it constantly (or just put up with the noise).  Things might be okay for a few days or a week or so, but then it happens again.

I think if the owner wants to rent out this flat, and charge money for doing so, there should be some consideration of our needs.


Yesterday, my stars in all the various places I read such things, said it was a bumper day for love.  One of them even said I’d be hit by a love bomb!  I imagined meeting someone and them being surrounded by hearts and flowers like in a manga (for Deb, and anyone else who doesn’t know – manga is the Japanese style comics.  Unlike comic books here, there are aimed at all age groups.  You often see businessmen reading manga on the train).

All day, I looked at guys around me, thinking ‘are you the love bomb?’

A guy asked me for a light at the tram stop but I think he was kinda gay and there was no bomb.

At breaks and lunch time I saw nothing promising.

After work, my mum told me to go out for coffee so I did.  Again, nothing promising.  I did have some awesome potatoes though and a nice jug of refreshing cocktail.

So I gave up and came home.  Then, at 11.55 I got a message!  Last month, in Tokyo, we went for drinks at a tiny bar with a very cute barman.  He is a musician and gave us the address for a clip on youtube of him singing.  I checked it out and left a message.  That was about a month ago and I forgot all about it. 

Is he the love bomb?  He told us to go back to his bar next time we are in Tokyo.  We definitely will, if we can find it in the labryinth of back streets that is Shinjuku.


I mentioned a while back about getting screwed over my job offer in Japan.  Well, I’d got an email from them saying that they might have a few jobs come up this month.  Basically if I hadn’t heard by the 15th, I’d have to reinterview, except they are only interviewing in Canada this year! 

Obviously, I haven’t heard.  It’s a bit disappointing but mostly I got over all that last month and didn’t really expect anything.  I’ve got an interview with another company next month.  I also got a knockback from another company.  So depressing.

Since yesterday, as well as being love bomb day, was the lunar eclipse, apparently that is a good day to write down your wishes.  Anyways, yesterday I wrote a comprehensive list of what I actually want in a job if I move to Japan.  It’s one thing to write that I want a job/to move.  Getting a job isn’t that hard but some of the positions are basically slave wages for long hours and a lot of frustration.


I have three parties on this weekend!

3 responses to “Ups and Downs!

  1. Hoping all your parties are good ones!!

  2. When it comes to work, I hate being teased like that. I think we all know how you must feel hon, it sucks. Who knows what’s around the corner though. People like us always land on our feet 🙂

  3. Definitely the barboy in Japan is the love bomb. You will have Japanese babies and drink lots of sushi an be very happy. It says so in the stars.

    Thanks for the explanation of Manga

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