Shopping stuff

Before Christmas, I ordered a skirt from City City online when they had stuff way marked down.  I got an email saying it was out of stock and offering me a 50% on another item – valid until 10/2.

I’ve just been on their site and there’s nothing I really want.  There are a couple of things that are okay and that stuff that you always need, like jeans, never fit me well from there anyway. 

Do I use the voucher or not?  Maybe I should hold off and see if they release any new stock before it expires.

One thing I did find on the site was this dress.  Do I have a warped mind or does that look very wrong to anyone else?

On the shower thing, don’t be thinking I’m a real dollybird that needs to use a heap of products to get clean and made up.  It’s not really the make up that is time-consuming – just a touch up of foundation and some eyeliner normally.  I’m not even that fussed about wearing makeup to work, just if I wear it in the morning I want to reapply (instead of having half washed off makeup).

The time consuming thing for showering is getting the water the right temp (at the gym with a bunch of other ppl using the showers, it can be hard) plus as Andrew said – the low flow shower heads.  What a pain.  Maybe they use less water but you stay in the shower until you are clean, don’t you?  If you only get a drip coming out then you just stay in longer!

I think I’ll stick to my plan of yoga/pilates style workouts at lunch and doing something more intense after work.  I want to start doing some running before work but that’s hard atm.  For one, as I said, I’ve lost my house keys so need my sister to let me out!  Also if I plan to get up early to workout, you can bet your arse the cafe staff end up sticking around until all hours making noise.  This living situation is getting out of hand — many things I don’t mention here — but hopefuly soon it will all be sorted 🙂


4 responses to “Shopping stuff

  1. Argh! That skirt, eek!

    I didn’t even think of low pressure water, I’ve been living out of the country for too long!

  2. That skirt is slightly warped – welcome the is the direction of my giant v-jayjay.

    Low flow showers piss me right off. I have the thickest hair ever and if there is no water pressure then I don’t get my scalp wet. It’s stupid.

  3. Bwahaha, a great big beautiful yoni my friend! Hope the home situation works itself out soon. It sucks when it gets in the way of other things you’d rather be doing.

  4. That dress is prime Regretsy material! No way I’d buy something with a big punani on the front, haha!

    Sorry to hear about the home situation, hope it works out soon.

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