Hygiene stuff

  • I’m sick today.  I’m not sure if it’s a stomach bug, too much heat or just an after effect of pilates! 
  • I’ve lost my keys.  This is bad!  It’s not just a case of being another set cut.  I have the key to the cafe downstairs and it’s a security key so, if I cán’t find it soon, the lock needs to be replaced and a whole set of keys cut! 

Hygiene and other issues:

The past week or two, I’ve been going to the gym at lunch time.  I figure it’s a good way to get in those classes I feel I should do but don’t.  Stuff like pilates.  

My gym offers a few 30 or 45 minute lunchtime classes.  I don’t like taking too long for lunch and even the 45 minutes (with getting there time) are cutting it fine.

If I do pilates, I feel fine with not showering after class.  I’m not doing big movements and don’t get very sweaty.  If I’m doing something more cardio-fied, like running, then I always shower.

The other day, I did a powerplate class though.  It was strength training (on one of those new fangled vibrating plates).  I got a little sweaty; it’s more of a workout than pilates.  That’s getting into the grey area of needing to shower. 

Showering – it’s time consuming.  I need to do other stuff in my lunch hour.  Also, I figured I would have been as sweating running around the shops or something on a warm day.

Also, if I do a cardio class at lunch time, sometimes I don’t shower before work.  I kinda don’t see the need for a shower if I’m going to have one a few hours later.  I do try to avoid cardio at lunch time just because I really do hate showering then.  And I hate having to redo my makeup and hair.  I even hate having to lug my makeup with me.

What do you think?  What’s your “showering point” so to speak?   Am I a preternaturally slow showerer because it seems to add on at least 30 minutes to my changing time.

8 responses to “Hygiene stuff

  1. Do you do the whole soap and shampoo thing in the gym shower? How about just rinsing off the sweat instead. After all, you’re already “clean” because you showered only a few hours ago; and too much soap is going to bugger up your skin anyway. Don’t wet your hair.

    30 minutes? yah – way too long! try 5. Leave the long ones for washing your hair at home.

  2. It is the power shower for me! I have a bag in my locker at work that has everything in it separated into bags- makeup, stuff for shower, hair stuff etc. It took a while to get organised but now I am showered and at my desk in 15 mins- but with a red sweaty face:(.

  3. I don’t wear makeup to work…yet. So I guess that cuts my time. Although it still seems to take me ages to do the get there, class, shower and get back to work routine.

    I always shower, but I think its more than habit more than anything else, and then my hair tends to fizz like mad, like wicked witch style. So I have to wash it.

    Maybe try and trim down the products you use when you are showering and makeup…just on the days you go to gym.

    Or if they have a shower at your work you could go back to work ‘be seen’ then have shower!

    Lucinda 🙂

  4. I’m with Louise. 5 minutes to quickly hose the sweat off. If your hair is only a little sweaty, I would suggest just blow drying it. Do you really need to put on the full make up for just the afternoon stint. Would that many people notice?

  5. Our showers at work are so low-flow that it takes me that long too.

  6. I need to shower when I wake up, always have and yeah…usually need a quick rinse after yoga too, and especially running. For me it’s the hair issue. I am now in love with dry shampoo! Have you tried that? Klorane Dry Shampoo. You can get it from Priceline. I found that helped cut time.

  7. Have you tried using baby wipes instead? Some of them are quite large and are very moist. A good wash under the arms, and your ‘bits’ could make all the difference between a 30 minute shower and a 10 minute clean up 😀

  8. Since I got my hair cut I need at least 30 minutes because it needs to be washed every time I sweat. Manky as it sounds I could get away with it more when it was long and I could chuck it in a pony tail, now I need to do stuff to it.

    Also the water pressure at our gym SUCKS, you need to run around in there just to get wet!

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