Burn baby burn!

My goal of being well dressed is on standby for a while.  I am so severely sunburnt that dressing at the moment revolves around what is going to annoy my skin the least.

Like hangovers, sunburn is really something that doesn’t deserve much sympathy, being all self-inflicted and all.  So, so stupid.

I wasn’t even in the sun that long.  We stayed at Bells Beach Thursday night and, on Friday, popped down to the beach for a little while before heading to Lorne for the Mountain to Surf. 

I’d put copious amounts of sunscreen on but totally didn’t think about my legs.  Normally I never get my legs in the sun – they stay well covered.  But I was wearing shorts and my poor virgin untanned thigh meat got sun exposure.

OMG it’s burnt.  Then we got to Lorne and I thought about NOT running but got shamed into doing it. 

Possible reasons I ran so crap:

  1. tough course (but I’ve run better times on the same course)
  2. hot weather conditions (but I’ve ran the same course in hotter weather)
  3. sunburn (check)
  4. totally unfit (check)
  5. slow coach walkers walking next to their mates on narrow bush tracks (check)

I’d say I was between 70-80 minutes for 8 km!!!!  ZONKS!!!  Every other time I’ve been under an hour. 

My plan, going forward (as they say in business circles), is to run more outside.  Ditch the treadmill.  Also eat less.


6 responses to “Burn baby burn!

  1. Ouchies, you’ll need to get some of that Aloe Vera spray from the chemist, it’s fab

  2. I feel your pain. I did the same thing too over the weekend, and now I have pink shins DOH!

  3. A cold bath is good too I reckon, hope it gets better soon.

  4. Ouch! I hear aloe vera helps. And water, lots of water!

    I’ve never been so burnt since I moved to NZ. It’s because I go outside mid summer, and because its no hot, I think I can’t get burnt. Stupid. I got such bad sunburn last year, I scared small children.

    I now have spf 70+ and a hat all pretty much any time I go outside for longer than 5 minutes.


  5. OWWW! Aloe vera is great for burns, I have a plant in my living room that I break off a bit of when I need it. I tend to get burned more by the oven than the sun though 😛

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Aloe vera, cold tea? cold bath? hope it gets better soon- and don’t worry about being brave- take painkillers. I got burnt in Queensland when I was out on a cloudy day- and I was angry.

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