Quick update:  I went to the gym twice yesterday.  I didn’t really mean to.  I had a pilates class at lunch time and was’intending to walk home after work but then realised I was meeting my sister in the city at 7.00 so figured it was easier just to go to the gym so I did running interverals ont he treadie then some boxing practice.

Afterwards we went to my Japanese school to do a calligraphy class — writing new year’s resolutions.  I wrote that I wanted to move to Japan — didn’t think to write “well dressed”.

Man, I was starving after all that.  I thought the class was 1 hour but it was 2.  Afterwards I got a big bowl of delicious ramen 🙂

2 responses to “Gym

  1. I luuuurve ramen. 🙂 (And pho)

  2. Great work gorgeous – we all know how much easier it is to be well dressed when you look healthy 🙂

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