Well dressed #1

I think it’s of the upmost importance, in order for me to keep to my new year’s resolution, to own a pair of patent leather go-go boots.  I can’t seem to find much available in Australia though and most places in the US won’t ship overseas.  You want a gun or a rocket launcher, you can get it shipped, but go-go boots…!

I’ve been thinking what well dressed means to me and this is my (probably long winded) definition.

Last year I went to work in one of those “make do” outfits.  You know when you are a bit too bloaty for anything clean to fit properly so you chuck on something that mets the criteria of fitting and covering your body but it really does nothing for either your outward appearance or your inner good.

Now this is this guy I have a kind of mini-crush on.  The kind of crush that you have when you see the crushee but forget about when they aren’t around.  You are never actually going to actively pursue it but it’s there.  This guy doesn’t go to my Japanese school but turns up to the end of term parties and things like that.

Anyway I was in my frumpy, dumpy outfit walking to get a coffee when he pulled up in his car outside the post office, just randomly.  I chatted to him for a while and felt mecha embarassed about my entire appearance.

Being well dressed means never feeling like that.

Oh and here’s a bonus hair rule.  I had my hair pulled back in ponytail.  Some people, sometimes, can do stylish ponytails.  Like a ’50s style look or something.  But mostly, it’s just slatternly.

A few years ago I was at a bar and met a guy who styled fashion magazine shoots.  I was having a low self-esteem day and whinging about my appearance.  He told me the ONE thing that let me down, wasnt my weight or the other zillion things I whinged about.  It was my hair.  Yep, ponytail.

So unless you are purposely doing a swish-o ponytail look, on purpose.  Or at the gym.  Or doing something where you need your hair off your face – NO PONYTAILS.  No pulling your hair back off your face because you can’t be stuffed.  When you are doing that, it’s a huge sign that you need to go see your hairdresser.


10 responses to “Well dressed #1

  1. I do sometimes leabe my hair long enough, so I’ll try to remember to resist the urge to put it in a ponytail 🙂

  2. oh man… guilty of the grotty ponytail.

    have you heard of th website MyUS.com? It’s a service where they give you a US address then they forward your parcels too you. I think you have to pay a membership fee but i have some mates that use it for eBay purchases or stuff that’s impossible to get outside the US.


  3. I’d be willing to be a US address for your boots, then ship them onwards to you.

  4. all excellent advice. More please!

  5. I thought the ponytail made me look younger- because it pulled the wrinkles back (but gave me a headache!).
    Nothing worse than seeing someone you like (or an ex )when you feel frumpy.

  6. very good advice. guilty as charged.

    Have been enjoying your posts on being well dressed. it is all so true! Dress like a slob, feel like a slob, act like a slob.

  7. ‘outfit’ dressing makes me feel good, but most of the time I am too lazy! (i am also a tomboy!)

    I find the best way to dress up a ponytail is to add a quiff in the front. The higher the better! It only takes 2 seconds, 2 bobbypins and voila, dressy ponytail!

  8. I just saw Shauna’s comment about myus…omg, never knew they existed. Yay.

    So guilty of the pony tail, i’m half way between decided to restyle my hair or just go in and get a good trim and tidy up!

    I wore dress shorts to work today, I’m trying to convince myself its warm here, hah!

  9. I cut all my hair off because all I ever did with my long hair was wear it in a pony tail, or heidi plaits when I ran.

    I love your definition of well dressed, perfectly simple concept!

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