New Year/New Decade

I found out today that you shouldn’t tell people your new year’s resolutions.  I’d never heard that before! 

While I’m not a huge believer in astrology, I do like to read my stars.  Apparently this year, new years eve coincided with a lunar eclipse or something.  Anyway, the stars said to write lists – one of things I’ve been grateful for in the past year, one of things I wanted to leave behind and one of things I wanted for the new year.

I figured whether I believe or not, it’s still a good thing to do.  So many things to be grateful for that I’d totally taken for granted.  Just being injury free and of healthy enough body to go to the gym and for slow, painful runs — that’s something to be grateful for.  There are many people that would love to have the chance to just to get out there with their two legs moving.

As for things I want to leave behind, there aren’t that many.  One thing I found hard to put into words.  Essentially, when things got hard this year, I retreated into myself and just made things worse by becoming isolated.  I guess I have to be a little grateful to the bastard guy I met this year.  Even though it didn’t go well (and is totally over now), he came along when I needed reminding to just go out sometimes and have fun.  Life doesn’t have to be so serious!

Lots of plans for this year.  I want to start taking steps toward the life I want.  Even a tiny step each day is a step in the right direction, and much better than taking a step backward!

I’ve not worked out my exercise goals for the year yet.  I was talking to my personal trainer the other day.  Funnily enough, I’d been thinking about quitting PT because it all felt a bit haphazard.  We did some fun sessions but it was just whatever she felt like at the time.  When I had my training last week, she said she’s been thinking she wants to sit down with her clients and put together a plan focussed on their goals.  That’s exactly what I want so all the exercise goals for the year will come together then. 

I am thinking about the M word with running.  I found a site for the Okinawa Marathon.  Okinawa is somewhere I really want to visit.  Their marathon is in March so I’m thinking that’s a 2011 goal!

And not to forget my most important goal for the year: to be well dressed!  I might spend some time today going through my wardrobe and pruning out anything that doesn’t fit right or doesn’t make me feel a million bucks when I wear it.  With the post-Christmas bulge, that won’t leave much but better to have a few good outfits than a wardrobe packed full of clothes but nothing to wear!

Finally, I found out today, 2011 is visit Japan year…  who am I to argue with the Japanese government!  After all, the prime minister’s wife has been abducted by aliens… more than once.


4 responses to “New Year/New Decade

  1. I tend to do the same thing, retreat into myself and just pretend things aren’t happening. As long as I can get out and exercise a bit, it seems to work. The major problems don’t go away though.

    Good luck with the “m” goal. I had it in my list originally but took it out because I feared the pressure it would put on me in my current injured state. Woosy, I know, but it is still in the back of my mind.

    I hope your exercise and other life goals are achieved in 2010!

  2. I am the queen of pretending things aren’t happening, I spend alot of time floating down a certain river in Egypt.

    Maybe I should take on the well dressed challenge as well, I am becoming such a slob these days, I can’t live in 3 year old ripped jeans and T-shirts forever can I?

  3. I am also secretly thinking about the M word. Thanks for the Japan spam- it was great!

  4. I like the M word very much and have dreams of doing it one day too. You can so do this hon and a year and a bit of training will get you there – loving the well dressed theme for 2010 too. Fab idea!! I love your style 🙂

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