Good and bad

There is nothing worse than adults who act like high school kids, having little moody fits over nothing at all.  I’m getting the silent treatment at the moment because apparently we did something wrong! OMFG!  Not part of the cliquey circle any more.  Kinda suits me fine – I’ve got too much to do at the moment to put up with people yabbing on blowing everything up into a drama.  The silent treatment only really works if your talk is going to be missed.

Also, big fashion tip: if you are wearing a short skirt and skanty underwear – don’t be lolling around on the grass and, when you are sitting, keep your legs together.  In the city the other day, I was subjected to the sight of more girly bits than I ever want to see.   Gross.

I went to the boxing day sales this year.  I’ve never been to the boxing day sales before.  It’s kind of insane.  Walked through Myer and that was total anarchy.  I don’t even know if stuff was any cheaper than normal.  Is it?  Or is it just hype?

Just when we decided that boxing day sales weren’t for us, we got to Diva.  I love cheap jewellery.  They had a wall of stuff for $5.  OMG I went insane.  I now have enough junk jewellery to last a lifetime.

After that, we went to Peter Alexander.  Okay, I have enough pjs to last me a lifetime already.  I don’t need any more.  But…

I’m not shopping again for a while.  What with the pre-Christmas “I need to buy gifts so I’ll just pick up something for myself” shopping and the boxing day madness, I’m done.  I did buy something that kinda goes against my resolution to be well dressed.  A maxi dress.  I’m sure there are some people who can look well dressed in a maxi dress but I’ve rarely seen it.  Mostly they just look blobby.  Well kinda like tits on top of blobby. 

My justification is that all my skirts and dresses are so short, I can’t wear them without tights (see the second para above), whereas I can go bare legged in a maxi dress.  Maybe it will work out okay.


2 responses to “Good and bad

  1. I gave myer a sidestep when I went there last week. DJs is much more civilised
    I don’t look good in a maxi dress. I just look short. I need to keep it tailored.

  2. I want to dress better too, I always feel like I look bedraggled when I arrive at work.

    Wellington doesn’t work well for skirts, the wind, I have no skirts here. People have not learnt that lesson well though!

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