Well Dressed #1

I was going to post up a photo of my new(ish) favourite dress since it’s my top pick for being well dressed but I only have one photo of me wearing it, and you can’t really see the style.

Plus I’m wearing a cardigan with it so it doesn’t really sit right!  Still I love it.  When I wear this dress, I get compliments from random strangers.  All compliments are good but I think compliments from random strangers (and young children) are the best because they have no need to flatter you.

Anyway this dress rocks for many reasons.  It’s a very cute  60s style dress.  I love vintage style clothes but I find it hard to wear anything 50s or 40s style because those eras were all about the hourglass figure.  I am so not hourglass.  The 60s though, shift dress with short hemlines, I do them well!

Secondly, it’s all mine.  A one off.  Mine and mine alone.  I bought this dress through a very talented woman called hissyfitoly through Etsy.  She has a heap of great stuff listed but, best of all, she custom makes stuff. 

I contacted her about a dress I liked (you can get a better idea of the style from this picture) and she asked me for my preferred colours etc.  Then she sent me through a bunch of different pics of fabrics (all vintage) and I sent off my measurements.  After all that was decided on, it took next to no time for her to have the dress made and sent to me! 

Fantastic.  I wore this dress so much when I was in Tokyo on hols.  Like, I could have almost not packed anything else and just worn this.   

So often you hear the peeps complain about not being able to get nice clothes in bigger sizes.  I say you aren’t trying hard enough.  Even when I was down to a size 12, I had to dig hard to find the clothes I liked.  Sure when you are smaller, you can go to your local Westfield shopping centre and there are a swag of shops selling clothes that fit.  But they are all the same.  Every single shop.  And they are … well okay I guess but not really my style. 

I love Etsy.  There is so much great stuff on there.  I’ll post up some of my faves soon.

Rather than pay money to some huge company (ie The Man) so they can exploit their Asian sweatshop workers, and charge you a huge markup for a sub-standard product, support people who are doing the making and designing. 

Wearing clothes that you love, that are made with love.  That’s being well dressed 🙂


6 responses to “Well Dressed #1

  1. You look gorgeous, and I love the other dress too, particularly the heart! MERRY CHRISTMAS CHICK.


  2. I used to make most of my own clothes and for awhile I made my kids clothes. Then the price of patterns went up and the quality of material went down so these days I just buy off the rack. You are right, it is nice to have unique clothes.

  3. Kathryn, that is a lovely photo of you!

  4. Ohh, she does cute stuff, I love the Film Noir dress. I was a bit puzzled by the skirt with the goats head on it, then I had a second look 😆

    You might also like this site too – http://www.shopplasticland.com/

    PS – you are so photogenic

  5. i luv etsy too.
    I love things you can’t find anywhere else.

  6. Hi Kat! First time commenting on your blog! Your dress is sooo cute, and I love etsy too! Hope you don’t mind me adding your blog to my blogroll! Merry Christmas! shells (ausrun)

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