Well dressed

My new years resolution for 2010 is to be well dressed (or better dressed!).  I figure being well dressed isn’t a matter of money, it’s all about your level of giving a shit-ness! 

I have been slack and slatternly of late.  I live above a cafe so it’s awfully easy to throw on whatever is lying on the floor, because I’m just running down on a Saturday morning to grab a coffee — then I don’t bother changing.  I’ve got a severely depleted work wardrobe (mostly due to putting on weight) so I just make do.

Being well dressed may sound like a vain and superficial goal at first, but I think once that’s taken care of, everything else flows from there.  When you look good, you don’t just feel good, you feel more valuable.  You don’t hide away like a dowdy mouse; you strut along the street as though you own it.

Anyway, because this is about more than just diet, I’m thinking of moving on from this blog site and setting up something new and exciting.  I want to give myself weekly challenges in 2010 and other fun stuff.  Stay tuned!


4 responses to “Well dressed

  1. On the Gold Coast no one gives a shit about dressing up. Even where I live, in the snobby end of town, the majority of people just wear shorts & thongs to the shops. As I am lazy, I like this very much.

  2. I think it’s about taking pride in yourself – and that can be the first thing to go when you’re under stress. Also faking it – dressing up when you don’t feel good – can help you get to where you do feel good! Note to self: be like Kathryn and smarten up!

  3. I completely agree – you don’t need a lot of money to look good. I proved that just by buying a £3 iron this week 😛 ha ha. Making the effort really does have a snowball effect, and you are worth the effort 🙂

  4. Black. It is outrageously flattering and goes with everything.

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