toki ni wa naite ii yo
yowai toko misete mo daijoubu
demo soko de kusaru na
mada yareru sono saki no saki*

I’m still a bit shaken about the stuff of my last post. When I found out about this I figured it was either one of two things — some kind of admin error where my application had fallen through the cracks (maybe literally because they recently moved offices) or there was some kind of hidden agenda at play where applications are given preferential treatment because of age or nationality or something (not weight, I was joking about that, but age… hmmmm)  I’m not aware of. Because they haven’t answered my email, I’m figuring it’s the latter.

The thing that really hurts is that they kept sending emails saying thanks for being patient but we just don’t have the number of job openings we anticipated. All very nice and smooth. And obviously complete lies. I feel like sending a nasty email but what’s the point?

Anyway, I’ve decided it is a GOOD thing. Not in a ‘second prize… who wants to work for a company like that anyway…” kind of way, but because of this:

All this year, I have had issues circling around me like hungry wolves. Wolves with a taste of my blood. I’ve known they are there but I’ve ignored them because I had “I’m moving overseas soon” like a big, protective wall.

Now that wall is gone and I’ve got the wolves to deal with. I could construct another wall but really what I need to do is get myself a big gun and go out and fight those wolves. No matter what the future brings, it will be better if I deal with them in the here and now.

At least I’ve not put everything on hold. My work contract goes through until October so I’ve not done myself in financially over all this. Other issues do need to be addressed though.

That’s why it’s a good thing. Good in the way that dentist visits and PAP smears are good! It’s time to fight.

*It’s good to cry sometimes
It’s alright to show some weaknesses
but do not get stuck there!
You can still achieve the dream you had before

5 responses to “Fight

  1. That’s the attitude … take all those issues head on and deal with them!

  2. Whatever it is you’re fighting, I sure hope you win hands down.

  3. Make sure you use silver bullets, just to be sure.

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