Onward and Upward

First of all, thanks for all the condolences about my nan. My mum said a while back that she found something in nan’s papers — her life story that she’d written out. She’s going to send us all copies. Apparently mum was quite surprised at how well written it was and she cried in parts.

The bit that got mum all teary eyed was the bit where my nan and grandad met. I can be all cynical about love and men, but theirs was a true love story. Not one of those turbulent love stories like you see in the movies (although I’m sure they had a few of those) but a quiet, supportive love.

One time I asked my nan what her biggest regret in life was (I didn’t often ask my nan about her life – we were told not to as kids for various reasons) and she told me this: nan was raised by her grandparents and, when she first met grandad, she was only very young. I think around 16. They wanted to get married straightaway but her grandparents made her wait. Her biggest regret is that she waited when she could have had those years with him.

Anyway, this post has gone off on tangent there. Back to me šŸ™‚

After my whingey “I have to take 10 days unpaid leave” post, I did some thinking. It’s not all bad. I want to take the time to do some good stuff. For example, at the moment I go to the gym most nights after work but I race in, do some cardio or a class and leave. With all that free time, I can actually loll around in the pool and spa (cos with my swimming ability all I can do in the pool is loll). I want to book into some yoga and pilates classes too.

Also I want to write. I’ve not written anything in forever. Mostly since I started learning Japanese — cos you can’t think in Japanese and English…lol! I need to get onto that.

Oh yeah and maybe do some running on account of being registered for the Mountain to Surf. Hmmm, might need to throw some hill training in there (running up and down my one and only hill).

Anyway my Christmas shopping is done. Not sure what we are doing for lunch — Maccas is looking good! But the rest is sorted.


2 responses to “Onward and Upward

  1. hello hello… catching up on a week or two here (no bloody internet at home boooo). I am so sorry to hear about your Nan… how cool that she wrote her story… the talent is clearly in the genes!


  2. Sad you lost your Nan… but reading her writings must be lovely.
    Macca’s for Christmas dinner! *shaking me head*

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