It feels like I never left

You know what sucks about living upstairs from a cafe? It sounds like it will be cool and convenient but really you are just step away from being a homeless guy living in a park. You have all these strangers milling around your home, bugging you when you want to sleep and next to no privacy. You don’t even have the option of moving your cardboard box…

I guess it’s warmer although I got into a shitfight cos I had my heater on in winter (in my freezing cold bedroom with no other source of heating) because it added so much to the power bill of a commerical kitchen.

Yeah, I’m feeling blah and unsatified at the moment. I figure the whole teaching in Japan thing has fallen through. No escape, I have to deal with my problems here instead. I’d like to just escape for a while — anyone need a housesitter over christmas?

Speaking of Christmas, I have to take a week of compulsory unpaid leave. I hate taking leave over Christmas. It’s too expensive to go anywhere and everywhere near home is insanely crowded. Blerk and the cafe is going to be open!

Anyway, here are my holiday snaps…photo link

Just a week ago, but I looked so happy!


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