Crap of my life

I “broke up” with the dude on the weekend, if you can call it that – as in getting drunk, getting snarky, saying a few things then sending even snarkier texts. I don’t regret what I said, it was long overdue, but I regret doing it in that manner. No matter how valid your point, if you are drunk and angry it just comes across as drunk and angry.

Anyways, I’m off to Japan in 2 days time. Very anxious about getting concert tickets and all manner of things.

I was a ball of Stressy McStress with a side order of stress this morning but had a PT session at lunch time and felt much better. Was worried about my shoulder since I pulled a muscle in it last week and it’s been v sore but seems okay tonight.

Must pack. I feel like I don’t have enough clothes but how much do you need for a week?


2 responses to “Crap of my life

  1. Aww crap… bring on Japan, eh? Hope you have a ripsnorter of a good time!!!

  2. Forget the clothes, pack me instead. Have a wonderful time Kathryn.

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